Free Urine Analysis Test Kits

After a guest has completed our treatment program at Puget Sound, they can choose to return home to fully reintegrate into society. As exciting as this change of scenery is, it often presents individuals with potential relapse risks through stress and the availability of substances. While some amount of stress is a part of life, Royal Alumni are prepared to combat their triggers with the coping skills and relapse prevention techniques learned during treatment. We at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound believe that you can never have too many precautions in place to protect you or your loved one during their recovery. 

Recovery Maintenance and Drug Testing

A large portion of Royal guests express that drug testing is a beneficial part of addiction treatment because it heavily discourages substance use. Drug tests act as an objective relapse moderator, reminding guests and alumni that actions have consequences. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound understands that returning home puts a lot of responsibility and stress onto our Royal Alumni. To ease the transition, we provide free Urine Analysis (UA) cups for Royal Alumni and their families.

Benefits of Drug Tests

Harm Reduction

  • Lessens the risk of relapse following treatment
  • Identifies potential relapse and so that corrective steps can be taken 
  • Signals the need for treatment measures to be taken following a positive test


  • Increases accountability and honesty in our Alumni
  • Instills a sense of responsibility with rewards and consequences 
  • Supports a routine of recovery maintenance

Family Dynamics

  • Eliminates stress and tension between Alumni and their family and friends
  • Cultivates trust between Royal Alumni and their loved ones

Personal Identity

  • Provides concrete proof of recovery progress and boosts Alumni's self-confidence
  • Increases motivation to maintain recovery

Evidence Records

  • Documents the current level of, or lack thereof, substances found in an individuals system
  • Provides tangible confirmation of sobriety for medical (and legal) purpose

    Have a loved one who is an alumni? Fill out this form to request your free urine analysis cup.

    We offer access to free UA Cups for Royal Alumni and their loved ones in hopes of providing a peace of mind to the people closest to you. Parents, siblings, and spouses  can integrate UA cup screenings into a loved one's day-to-day through regular testing or upon suspicion. 

    In doing so, alumni family members are able to uphold the accountability methods utilized in Puget Sound's treatment program by continuing the use of drug screening tests as relapse prevention.

    Our Royal Alumni Family Services

    Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound wants to assist you or your loved one maintain a fulfilling sober lifestyle. You trusted us with the safety of your loved one, and we believe it is our duty to continue supporting you and your family after the completion of your time in treatment. Our investment in the health and prosperity of our communities and guests continues on outside of our treatment programs by offering free UA cups to the our alumni and their loved ones of our alumni to support their progress in recovery. 

    Guests that complete one of our programs at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound graduate into our Royal Alumni Family with access to additional support. Along with our free UA cups for families of Alumni, we encourage Royal Alumni to participate in our Alumni Services. These services offer a continuation of support for our guests that have graduated from our programs. Our Alumni coordinators offer information and assistance with post-treatment services such as placement for additional care, letters of treatment completion, and planning Alumni events.We understand that keeping structure and a sense of accountability can be the small change in your lifestyle that allows you to thrive in recovery. For this reason, we offer you that sense of accountability at no charge to aid in the continued maintenance of your recovery.

    Contact Our Addiction Specialists

    Here at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, we understand that recovery is an ongoing process. If you feel that your loved one might still be struggling, we provide assistance in the form of an at-home free urine analysis drug screening test for Royal Alumni. To request a UA Cup for drug testing, feel free to complete the request form supplied on this page.If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (888) 308-1985. Our team makes themselves available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because We Care.