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Best Inpatient Drugs Rehab Center

Finding the best inpatient drugs rehab center is vital for coping with advanced drug or alcohol addiction. At Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, we know that the only way to address addiction effectively is by adopting a holistic view of recovery. Here are three aspects making us the best rehab center in the business:

Customizable treatments

We never use cookie-cutter approaches when treating drug addiction, especially when dealing with severe or advanced conditions. We believe that the most effective rehab treatment is a methodical, holistic one, relying on multiple disciplines for fast and reliable results over time. To achieve that, we use procedures like:

  • In-depth medical assessment – This phase takes place during intake, with our experts assessing your overall health status and gathering data about your medical history, withdrawal symptoms, and addiction side-effects.
  • Detox and stabilization – The detox process is a must in the initial treatment phase. It allows us to flush the drugs from your system and stabilize your body and mind for upcoming treatment procedures.
  • Psychotherapies and trauma healing – Behavioral therapies are core components of our inpatient drug rehab program. They allow our experts to assess your mental and emotional composure, identify signs of psychological trauma, and use advanced psychotherapies to provide long-term solutions.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Addressing the co-occurring disorders during the rehab treatment is essential for speedy and lasting recovery. The treatment involves medication and therapy with the procedures depending on the disorder’s specifics and severity.

Holistic inpatient drug rehab

Our top-rated addiction treatment centers in the US use holistic treatments to promote sobriety, healthy lifestyles, and fast healing. Prolonged drug addiction will affect you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and wreak havoc in your personal and professional life. The treatment needs to consider these aspects and provide reliable solutions for all these problems.

Our philosophy is that every patient requires a unique treatment approach for the best results. This means that every treatment procedure needs to consider the patient’s individual profile and adjust accordingly. Among the recovery protocols we’re using at our facility we include:

  • Healthy daily nutritional meals
  • Advanced psychotherapeutic support via counseling and support groups
  • Daily workout plan for physical and mental recovery
  • Establishing a healthy living routine for patients to adopt long-term, etc.

Structured recovery

Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs represent the first phase in the recovery process. We follow the inpatient services with case management support and family guidance, helping our patients:
  • Understand their faults and grow into more responsible individuals
  • Gain the mental and emotional strength necessary for sustainable sobriety
  • Understand the importance of honesty, positivity, and accountability in building a stable and happier life over the years
  • Learn how to prevent relapse by avoiding social triggers
  • Solve family conflicts, etc.
At Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, we provide access to the business’s best inpatient drugs rehab center. If you’re interested in our rehab and recovery services, contact our team of professionals at 888-308-1985, and we’ll take it from there!

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