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Case Management

Because We Care we offer top-notch case management services to help guests to understand and navigate legal, employment, family, and personal matters.

We understand that everyday routines are put on hold while an individual is overcoming a substance use disorder. For this reason, each guest is assigned a case manager with whom they will work closely to balance outstanding legal or social matters.

Re-adjusting to everyday life in early recovery requires re-learning how to sustain wellness and sobriety. At Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, each guest will receive a case manager based on their goals and needs. Our case managers screen and assess guests to determine their unique needs, then create an appropriate plan to meet those needs. The goal of case management is to help get guests back to independent living as well as matching guests with the community services that will be of most benefit. Case managers, guests, and healthcare providers work closely to ensure successful community collaboration. That way guests become prepared to live independently and maintain sobriety even after they leave our care. Our case managers serve as guest advocates in the legal system, act as a liaison between guests and others as well as set up aftercare arrangements. In early recovery, guests should feel prepared to handle the more routine aspects of daily living. For example, filling prescription medications, getting to meetings, and personal care. Our case managers work with guests at all levels of care from medical detox to aftercare. We address guests needs at every stage of early recovery. We want each guest to receive every possible tool available to them. Our hope is that they get the most out of their first steps in treatment and ultimately, out of life. Case management is just one component of our holistic, personalized approach to addiction treatment at Royal Life Centers. Designed through a clinical lens, our case management program is built on our mission and corporate structure. The clinical lens emphasizes traditional therapy and incorporates goal-planning and flexibility for a broader approach to case management. Our program gives guests the tools they need in order to create a life free from substance dependence. We believe in accountability as well as responsibility, both principles that form the foundation of lasting, long-term recovery. If you or a loved one is hesitant to begin treatment in our detox or residential program due to legal, family, job, or other issues, please reach out to us at 888-308-1985 to learn how our case managers at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound can assist you with grace, compassion, and experience. We are available at all hours to answer your questions about any of our programs. Because We Care.

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