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Group Therapy

Through creating bonds with others, guests learn to appreciate the struggles of others. In turn, they grow to appreciate their own experiences. In group therapy, guests meet regularly to discuss and process core issues in a group setting.

Group therapy at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound facilitates self-discovery through the building of social relationships and establishes a peer network. We believe in the power of group therapy to treat substance use disorders and inspire hope in our guests.

Group settings can also organically create a support network. Not to mention, guests gain a better understanding of themselves and core addiction issues.

Our group facilitators create a safe, welcoming environment for guests to share and work through different feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Moreover, guests establish new patterns of thinking, opposite of the thought patterns in active addiction. Active participation, i.e. sharing and listening, is strongly encouraged, so guests can get the most out of the group setting.

Through participation and feedback, guests create bonds with their peers and therapist, helping them to rebuild trust. Being able to relate to others helps group participants put their own circumstances into perspective. Therapy groups serve as social outlets for guests and promote accountability amongst peers. Group therapy is only one aspect of our program out of many that help guests get on the right track in early recovery.

Guests take comfort in knowing that they are not alone in overcoming their substance use disorder. Having individuals with shared experiences to lean on becomes an important part of long-term recovery. Therefore, we do our best to help guests lay a strong foundation at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound.

In detox and residential inpatient, guests attend group five times per day. Discussion topics include relapse prevention, self-worth, goal-setting, finding identity in recovery, and processing feelings and emotions. Unless deemed medically unfit by a staff member, guests must attend group during their stay at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound.

Guests also meet regularly with their primary therapist for one-on-one sessions. Our aftercare program at RLC at Sound or RLC at Cascade Heights involves regular groups, as well as individual sessions, to keep guests engaged in their treatment and continuing care.

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is committed to offering the finest therapies and programs to treat substance addiction. If you or a loved one has a substance use disorder and want to learn more about how we can help, please reach out to us at any time at 888-308-1985. Because We Care.

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