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Medical Detox

Our medical detox is nestled in the serene Pacific Northwest. Our guests enjoy chef-prepared meals, pristine outdoor spaces, and everything else one needs to rest and recover safely.

Detox is the shortest phase of the recovery process, but it is also the most crucial. Because We Care Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is sensitive to the earliest stage of recovery. When taking the first step toward a new life, one will experience a wide range of emotions. Our staff members are sensitive to the unique needs of those in early recovery and treat each guest with dignity and respect. We understand detox is the beginning of a long journey and our goal is to help guests to begin.

Performed on each guest upon entering detox, a medical assessment is the first step of the intake process. Proper monitoring and management of symptoms throughout a guests stay is of the utmost importance to us. When necessary, we utilize medication-assisted detox to ensure maximum comfort. We make this process as smooth as possible so guests feel completely prepared for the next phase of their treatment.

Our center staffs therapists and case managers who can help with wide a range of issues, including family and legal matters. Our chef prepares three meals a day, and our open kitchen is stocked around the clock with snacks and beverages. We also offer a variety of activities, spacious guest suites, and supervised outdoor areas where guests can take in the fresh air and breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest.

We employ around-the-clock medical personnel and our clinical staff is on site seven days a week. However, our facility has an entirely different feel from a hospital setting. Instead, Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound offers guests an intimate setting with an emphasis on individualized care. If guests sign a release, their families can receive routine updates on their loved ones’ progress in treatment. Staff aims to provide an open line of communication between the two, no matter how delicate the situation. If you or a loved one has questions about our medical detox program, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Because We Care.

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