Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound Success Stories

I am so grateful for all of the staff at Royal!! They saved my life!! In Sumner and in Lacey!!! I will forever be grateful for each and every person there that was a part of my early recovery!!! As of today I have continued my sobriety for over a year and I pray that I never have to live the way I did ever again!! Royal life centers was such a huge part of my recovery! Thank you!!!!!

J. Cahoon

Sober For Over A Year

The staff at Royal Life Centers are extremely qualified for any type of addiction. The techs are marvelous and truly want to help you in your process, instead of telling you what you're doing wrong. I would definitely recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone who needs help.

M. Stephens

Sober For Over 4 Years

Royal Life Centers helped me get my life back together. You have to be willing to do what it takes and follow their guidance. I want to thank the staff so much. Everyone is so supportive and the food is amazing. I would recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone struggling.

G. Parker

Sober For Over 3 Years

The staff and comfort inside made my wife extremely comfortable during a very difficult time.

N. Rutter

Sober For Over 2 Years

The staff is super welcoming and they really work hard to make your recovery experience super comfortable.

R. Jean-Francois

Sober For 2 Years

I cannot thank the staff at Royal Life Centers enough for making this life transition as easy as possible for me. I never thought I'd be able to overcome my addiction and with your help, I look forward to the amazing life can live.

P. Mullis

Sober For Over 6 Months