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"There is only one thing that matters about a treatment center and that is what results they get for the people staying there. In my case I was able to connect with some excellent professionals who were able to get me to think differently... They convinced me to hang in there day by day as ill as I was, and then to move on to the next level of the Royal treatment which is where I am learning to live properly again. These people really do care about each individual. This treatment is more effective than many more fancy programs and is excellent for alcoholics and addicts alike. I would recommend no other place for recovery. "
- John S.
5 Stars
"My experience at Sumner Royal Life Centers went excellent. I walked in with the belief I was going to learn how to deal with my addiction, but left realizing I had core issues which I needed to cope with and the addiction was a side effect of those issues. The staff were wonderful, it was obvious in the couple days how much they cared about assisting each client. I would certainly recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone."
- Joe D.
5 Stars
"As promised, here are my thoughts on the Sumner, Wa. facility. WOW! I was a self- admitted client and I was expecting the "same-old same" as far as treatment facilities are concerned. I was happily surprised to have been wrong. In my 22-day stay this place was able to, not only help me detox from my addiction but, really begin to address why. From the bottom to the top, everyone there was just great. They're motto; "Because, we care." Is 100% fact and accurate. The only thing keeping someone from attaining a grip on their issues with addictions (mental health as well) is their refusal to accept that the issue exists. I have moved-on to their 9-week program in Lacey and nothing has changed. It might just be even better. Many of the same staff are also here so, it's not even like I even left. I literally owe Royal my life. I can't thank you ALL enough for what we, together, have been able to accomplish with my co-occurring disorder. If you or a family member need help, call. Seriously. It WILL change you and/or their lives for the better. I turned 51 (thank you Summer for the bday cake surprise!) while I was there and my new friends and family made it SO special. Much love to you all! I look forward to what lies ahead and to give back as soon and as much as I will be able to in the future. "
- Alan L.
5 Stars
"Loved this place HANDS DOWN BEST OVER ALL EXPERIENCE from detox to residential."
- Tara B.
5 Stars
"I absolutely love it at royal. I came from living in a tent to now having a good life. Staff is amazing and I have made it a goal to work at Royal once I have 9 months clean. Thank you so much, Royal."
- Evan B.
5 Stars
"Royal life is an extremely special place. Royal life centers saved my life. I have been to many rehabs and nothing can ever compare to this place. The staff is absolutely amazing and so caring. They do a lot of one on one help and really go the extra mile for their clients. I truly love this place. "
- Erynn M.
5 Stars
"Here at Royal you are a guest, not a patient. They treat you with respect and are willing to help you with any means necessary. The staff here is consistent about checking in with you on not only your progress at the program but how you are feeling as a person, emotionally, physically and mentally. Including caring for your everyday needs, the other guests become your brothers and sisters as we are all here for the same reason, to become a better version of ourselves. Giving you the tools to create your own future and helping you step into a fast pace world. I highly recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone who wishes to make a positive impact on themselves and the people they surround themselves with."
- Hobie C.
5 Stars
"Royal Life Centers has changed my life. I appreciate the staff, the clients and the overall fellowship that has got me where I am today. Thank you RLC :)"
- Courtney R.
5 Stars
"The treatment director all the way down to the janitor is totally amazing! I highly recommend Royal Life to anyone needing to turn their life around. Five Stars!"
- James O.
5 Stars
"I recommend this detox fully for anyone that’s ready to change their life! I did a 4 day medical detox and stayed for the residential inpatient program. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was beneficial to my recovery. I truly loved the group facilitators and the cultural ceremonies of the local native tribes."
- Mike S.
Tribal Member
"I am so grateful for all of the staff at Royal!! They saved my life!! In Sumner and in Lacey!!! I will forever be grateful for each and every person there that was a part of my early recovery!!! As of today I have continued my sobriety for over a year and I pray that I never have to live the way I did ever again!! Royal life centers was such a huge part of my recovery! Thank you!!!!!"
- J. Cahoon
Sober For Over a Year
"The staff at Royal Life Centers are extremely qualified for any type of addiction. The techs are marvelous and truly want to help you in your process, instead of telling you what you're doing wrong. I would definitely recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone who needs help."
- M. Stephens
Sober For Over 4 Years
"Royal Life Centers helped me get my life back together. You have to be willing to do what it takes and follow their guidance. I want to thank the staff so much. Everyone is so supportive and the food is amazing. I would recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone struggling."
- G. Parker
Sober For Over 3 Years
"The staff and comfort inside made my wife extremely comfortable during a very difficult time."
- N. Rutter
Sober For Over 2 Years
"The staff is super welcoming and they really work hard to make your recovery experience super comfortable."
- R. Jean-Francois
Sober For Over 2 Years
"I cannot thank the staff at Royal Life Centers enough for making this life transition as easy as possible for me. I never thought I'd be able to overcome my addiction and with your help, I look forward to the amazing life can live."
- P. Mullis
Sober For Over 6 Months

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