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Is Using Xanax and Weed Together Dangerous?

xanax and weed

Mixing substances is not a new concept, particularly among those who struggle with addiction. One combination that has gained popularity is Xanax and weed. However, there are some causes for concern that come with mixing these two drugs. So, can you mix Xanax and weed? There is no simple answer to this question. To learn […]

Is My Loved One Abusing Alcohol? What to Look for and Where to Get Help

Loved One Abusing Alcohol

Alcohol addiction can be a scary condition, both for those struggling with the disease and their loved ones. If you are wondering if your loved one is abusing alcohol, it is important to know what to look out for. There are several alcohol abuse signs and symptoms that you can use to recognize if a […]

Subutex vs Suboxone: What’s the Difference?

Subutex vs Suboxone

For those undergoing opioid recovery, it is common for them to encounter medications like Subutex and Suboxone. With their similar names, it is easy to get these two medications confused. When it comes to Subutex vs Suboxone, many wonder what the difference is and how each one can help. If you are struggling with an […]

8 Tips for Completing Dry January

Dry January

As the new year kicks into action, many people are finding themselves making resolutions that will help them get their lives on a better track. One trend that has become popular is “Dry January,” a one-month challenge to stop drinking alcohol. If you are considering giving this trend a try, it is important to know […]

My Loved One is a Cocaine User: How Can I Help?

Cocaine User

Even if you have never personally struggled with an addiction before, it is likely that you know someone who is a cocaine user now or in the past. As one of the most popularly abused drugs in the U.S., cocaine is a common culprit for those who suffer from a substance use disorder. If you […]

Alcohol and Hydrocodone: Understanding the Risks

alcohol and hydrocodone

As one of the most commonly prescribed medications for pain management, Hydrocodone has gained quite a reputation. Unfortunately, this infamy is not all positive. One of the many concerns regarding the use of Hydrocodone is the serious side effects it can cause when mixed with alcohol.  Mixing alcohol and prescription drugs is never a good […]

Is It Dangerous to Buy Xanax Online?

Is It Dangerous to Buy Xanax Online

Many people today know what it is like to suffer from anxiety and depression, often going to great extents to alleviate their symptoms. For some, this includes taking prescription medications without ever seeing a doctor.  According to the National Library of Medicine, online pharmacies have significantly increased over the last few years, opening the doorway for […]