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Cigna Alcohol Rehab Centers

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is one of the leading Cigna alcohol rehab centers with world-class amenities, excellent inpatient and outpatient programs, and an experienced staff team. With an impressive recovery rate and the lowest relapse risks, we are an effective and reliable alcohol and drug rehab in WA.

Cigna insurance for drug rehab

Cigna is a global health organization with more than 86 million customer relationships. Cigna offers affordable addiction treatment, and the coverage can vary depending upon your plan. Typically, recovery services consist of drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, detoxification, and counseling.

Cigna’s lowest insurance plan (bronze) offers lower premiums, while the gold and platinum plans over comprehensive coverage for addiction treatment with lower deductibles. The services falling under your insurance may vary depending on where you live. Check with your insurance provider to review the coverage benefits of your policy.

Cigna insurance coverage for drug and alcohol addiction

Your benefits and coverage can vary depending upon your Cigna plan. If you have Cigna’s bronze plan, your premiums will be low, but you should be prepared to face higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. Alternatively, premiums can be higher for the gold and platinum plan holders, but these plans offer comprehensive coverage for addiction treatment with lower deductibles.

Inpatient substance abuse treatment programs available through Cigna includes acute inpatient substance and drug detox, residential treatment for drug disorders, and partial hospitalization for substance disorders. To learn about Cigna insurance coverage for alcohol addiction treatment, get in touch with your health insurance provider.

Do treatment centers need to be in-network?

Fortunately, not all Cigna plans require your treatment center to be in-network. Alternatively, remember that choosing to seek treatment from an out-of-network provider can increase your out-of-pocket expenses.

Your Cigna insurance plan should cover portions of your treatment bill after you meet the deductible or coinsurance. Also, if you choose an out-of-network treatment option, you will require a pre-certification. Pre-certification is the process where Cigna reviews your request against nationally recognized guidelines and determines the services covered based on your plan.

Top reasons to choose our alcohol rehab

We are a leading Cigna drug and alcohol rehab centers with highly effective addiction treatment programs and a compassionate and friendly staff team. With the lowest relapse rates, we offer home-like treatment in an upscale facility with modern amenities. Our step by step addiction treatment starts with medical detox and ends with ongoing care programs, reducing the chances of relapse significantly in recovering addicts. As one of the leading Cigna insurance recovery centers, we help patients embrace sobriety in a safe and pain-free manner and equip them with coping skills to maintain it in the long term.

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Contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound today for comprehensive addiction treatment services. Call 888-308-1985 to join one of the top Cigna alcohol rehab centers in Sumber, WA. Overcoming addiction can be one of the most tedious endeavors ever, and you need a reliable support system and professional guidance during this phase to accomplish your recovery goals.

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