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Drug Addiction Rehab Near Me

Alcohol and drug addiction are conditions that a patient can hardly overcome alone. When a substance use problem is recognized, it is wise for the affected person to have professional help. The best alternative is to choose a top-of-the-line rehabilitation center.

In Washington State, you are sure to find several drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that will offer you a successful and long-lasting recovery. However, which one is right for you or your loved one? You must consider specific criteria that will allow you to choose the best rehab center near you.

5-Top Criteria to Choose the Right Drug Recovery Center

  1. Prestige
    When evaluating the different alternatives, you should consider the experience and reputation of the rehabilitation center. Years of continuous service show promising signs of extraordinary performance in recovering patients from a rehab center. Besides, the best treatment centers are often recognized by specialized institutions in the USA. For example, Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is proud to be accredited by Carf and a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Centers. We are also approved by the Joint Commission of National Quality, among others.
  2. Therapy Model
    In most rehabilitation centers, pre-established methodologies are used. These prefabricated formulas usually do not give reliable and lasting results. The smartest thing to do is select a rehabilitation center that, in addition to group therapies, provides individual treatments that allow for personalized treatment. Keep in mind that there is no specific cause for developing an addiction. To determine the origins of a dependency, exploratory work must be done towards the patient, which is different in each case. With a combination of these personalized therapies and the joint activities, the patient will have greater possibilities of achieving stable sobriety.
  3. Specialists
    When evaluating the different treatment centers, it is essential to inquire about specialists who will treat the affected person. Verify the experience and credentials, and what type of professionals are part of the team that will help you or your loved one recover. For example, at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, our programs use highly trained mental health professionals. Also, the patient has daily access to the best clinical therapists in the region.
  4. Facilities
    It is essential to provide maximum comfort to the patient. The goal is for the person receiving treatment to function in a serene, calm, and comfortable environment that frees them from stress and worry. This way, they can focus on their recovery. When selecting the rehabilitation center, try to find one that has comfortable rooms that provide privacy. Also, in the facilities, the patient must perform other activities during the hours they do not receive therapy.
  5. Activities
    An effective recovery implies a complete change of habits of the treated person. Therefore, the rehabilitation center you select must offer various complementary activities in addition to therapies. Elite substance recovery centers like Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound will include different options. We include art, music, writing, yoga, and meditation, among others.

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