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Drug Addiction Rehab

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound realizes that overcoming drug addiction is no easy task. Our drug addiction rehab treatment relies on a multidisciplinary approach and several recovery programs to help patients embrace sobriety and a healthier lifestyle over the years. Depending on your health status, addiction specifics, medical history, and social and professional obligations, you may qualify for either inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Each arrives with its own pluses and minuses, like:

Inpatient drug rehab

The inpatient program relies on 24/7 medical assistance and supervision, providing clinical treatment, medication, therapy, and counseling. It is ideal for coping with severe withdrawal and advanced addiction when patients can no longer care for themselves. Most addiction victims arriving at our top drug treatment centers require immediate detox and intensive care via inpatient treatment for sustainable recovery and sobriety.

Why is inpatient rehab better than outpatient?

  • Relying on a controlled environment, increasing the treatment’s safety and effectiveness
  • Continuous professional medical and psychiatric supervision
  • Easier to prevent short-term relapse
  • Helping patients adopt a healthier daily routine
  • Promote sobriety, personal growth, honesty, and positivity
  • Focus on mental and emotional healing via behavioral and experiential therapies

What are the downsides to inpatient rehab?

  • More expensive than other forms of treatment (outpatient programs, detox-only clinics, PHP, IOP)
  • More difficult to keep the treatment secret
  • Not compatible with attending daily social, familial, or job-related obligations

Outpatient program

The outpatient program follows the inpatient treatment as part of a structured recovery protocol. It is ideal for people who have completed more intensive forms of care and can now take care of themselves. To know which program is ideal for you, we recommend coming to our top-rated addiction treatment centers in the US for in-depth assessment and treatment planning. Our professionals will know what to recommend based on your overall health status and addiction’s progress.

What makes outpatient programs good?

  • More affordable than inpatient treatment
  • Can go for as long as necessary
  • Promotes sobriety, community, and social reintegration via peer support
  • Allows patients to return home at night
  • Easier to keep the treatment secret
  • Brings many recovering addicts together to influence one another on their recovery journey
  • Promotes long-lasting friendships

Why isn’t outpatient rehab as good as inpatient?

  • It’s not as effective at promoting long-term sobriety as the inpatient treatment is
  • Despite regular drug testing, it’s more difficult to prevent the relapse due to lower levels of control and supervision

In the end, any program can benefit you tremendously if you’re dealing with a form of drug or alcohol addiction. If you’re seeking immediate help for your addiction, we recommend considering our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs asap. Our holistic treatment will help you overcome addiction, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and grow into a more confident, responsible, and mature individual along the way.

Contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, ask for information about our drug addiction rehab, and we will be happy to inform you! You only have limited time with dealing with drug addiction. To prevent future life-threatening consequences, we advise you to seek expert rehab today. Have courage, pick up the phone, and we’ll take it from there!

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