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Holistic Therapy

At Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, our holistic approach to healing emphasizes clear communication between mind and body. Guests can explore their identity in recovery through balancing activities such as yoga, tai-chi, and meditation. During meditation groups, guests examine their spirituality as it relates to their belief systems and behaviors. In addition, we encourage them to get in touch with a higher power through the lens of the self.

The idea behind holistic therapy is that personal growth is an ongoing process that never ends. We offer a variety of holistic therapy that improves physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Equine therapy improves spiritual wellness and encourages emotional growth. Interaction with horses assists individuals with anxiety and mood disorders, behavioral problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Guests also get to participate in an outdoor ropes course that includes team building exercises. These exercises help individuals overcome fears, improve concentration, and practice communication skills.

RLC  at Puget Sound offers a course that explores the effect media has on the stigma surrounding the recovery community. “Music, Society, and Survival for Recovery” is a course that examines the myriad of ways music connects people of different races, religions, creeds, and sexualities. In addition, we offer a musical seminar called “Healing Through Music: Setting Your Track” that allows guests to explore their creativity by writing lyrics and producing authentic tracks.

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