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Treatment from People Who Have Been There.
Often an overlooked factor of drug and alcohol treatment is the team of individuals chosen to care for you or your loved one during your stay. With licensed professionals and medical staff on the clock 24/7, we ensure you or your loved one's safety during drug and alcohol treatment.

Most of our staff members are in recovery themselves, which makes all the difference during a time when vulnerability should be met with compassion and understanding. Your trust in us means everything.
"Because We Care."

We have merged premier, leading facilities across the United States to provide our guests with unrivaled treatment at every level of care. Our Joint Commission, CARF and NAATP accreditations allow us to offer ethical, comprehensive, and quality-focused care led by experienced and dedicated providers.

Every facility at Royal Life Centers is based on a guest-centered, humanistic approach to recovery, meaning each and every guest that walks through our doors is an individual, void of all labels that have been placed upon them throughout their life experiences; in order for them to reach and exceed their goals, we must provide them with a safe space in which to express their genuine selves, free of judgment and labels. Acceptance of both their past and present is key for recovering individuals to grow, but our goal is for them to understand that the person they are is not defined by their past behaviors.

“Because We Care,” not only do we teach guests how to reclaim their lives, we empower guests to re-integrate the forgotten parts of self in order to attain self-reliance. At Royal Life Centers, we recognize the immeasurable value of having a voice in one’s own recovery and encourage our guests, future and present, to “speak up” for their lives: Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Medical Detox

Our medical detox program is a 4 or 8 day program, depending on factors that contribute to your customized detox protocol. Upon intake, you will meet with our medical team and discuss your drinking/usage history, medical history, frequency/volume of use, etc. in order to provide all of the details necessary in crafting a safe, effective plan to detox you from whichever substances you would like to recover from.

We specialize in detoxing individuals with substance use disorder(s) and alcohol use disorder.


Our residential inpatient program is an accelerated, intensely-therapeutic program based on our holistic treatment model. During inpatient treatment, guests attend psychotherapy through out the day, on both an individual and group-level.

Drug and alcohol treatment at Royal Life Centers means top clinical care, evidence-based methods of treatment, overwhelming support, care and comfort.

Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient programming is available in a 12-week program that transitions guests through three levels of care.


PHP or partial-hospitalization program is the first 4 week portion of our outpatient programming. PHP is the perfect step in-between residential inpatient treatment and less restrictive levels of care.


IOP or intensive outpatient accounts for the 4 weeks in between the transition away from full-time clinical care. During intensive outpatient treatment, guests get more freedom and have less restrictions— however, accountability is still maintained well throughout the program to provide added support during stages of increased freedom.


OP or outpatient treatment is the final phase of our 12-week outpatient drug and alcohol recovery program. Traditionally, outpatient addiction programs have a similar structure to this portion of our outpatient programming. We added a step-down structure to our outpatient programming to precede this phase of treatment because we measured more successful outcomes for individuals who completed a longer-term drug or alcohol treatment program.
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    We have notable success in our treatment programs.

    One study of our treatment outcomes reported over a three-month period, using information from 295 guests found that...

    • Over 60% of patients reported symptoms of depression during intake; upon completion of our program, only 7% reported still experiencing these symptoms.
    • Over 55% of guests reported anxiety during his or her intake, after treatment only 9% reported still feeling these symptoms.
    • 58% of guests reported trauma symptoms during his or her initial intake; after completing our program, only 18% reported experiencing persistent symptoms of trauma.
    • With a median stay among guests being 19 days, almost 87% of guests reported that his or her personal treatment goals were met.

    • (Vista Research Group 2020).

      While most detox centers will hide their success metrics, we have worked tirelessly to design our detoxification program to ensure that it helps our guests achieve success in sobriety. When you enter our program at Royal Life Centers, you will begin therapy sessions on day one. We find that integrating intensive therapies early on in treatment is one key to success for our guests.

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