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Private Inpatient Drug Rehab Near Me

If you’re looking for a private inpatient drug rehab near me, Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound has your back. We have the top inpatient drug treatment centers for opioid addiction, providing people with relief from their condition and the opportunity to turn their lives around. If you’re looking for a reliable rehabilitation facility, here are the five things to look for:

  1. Patient-oriented detox and rehab

Your facility of choice should provide some level of customization when it comes to rehabilitation programs. Cookie-cutter approaches never work when it comes to addressing severe addictions. Our facility relies on holistic treatment and offers patient-oriented detoxification and rehabilitation for immediate recovery and sustainable sobriety during and after the treatment.

It all begins during the intake process when our clinicians will assess your condition and gather information about:

  • Medical history
  • Current overall clinical status and mental and emotional health
  • Withdrawal symptoms and addiction-related side-effects
  • Behavioral and emotional patterns
  • Social and familial life, etc.

Our experts will use this data to create a unique treatment program ideal for you long-term.

  1. Luxury inpatient services

The inpatient heroin rehab should provide comfort, safety, and relaxation. That’s because your state of mind is critical during the treatment. Our centers offer top-notch professional care, relaxing and clean living quarters, and access to good, nutritious food, workout programs, and group activities. At our facility, you will recover and heal at your own pace via meditation, yoga, therapy, and counseling sessions.

  1. Dual diagnosis care

Many addiction victims struggle with additional co-occurring disorders daily. Ignoring them will affect the individuals’ ability to recover from addiction effectively and remain sober after treatment. At our top-rated heroin treatment centers, we promote dual diagnosis treatment and long-term recovery via medication management, therapy, and long-term lifestyle guidance. Our dual diagnosis treatment will allow you to control your anxiety, diminish depression’s impact, and allow you to live a healthier, more balanced life over the years.

  1. A welcoming environment

The inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs alone can’t help you too much in the long run. That’s why we have adopted a holistic view on recovery since we consider that every little aspect matters. To provide you with a warm welcome, our professionals offer a friendly and caring attitude, ready to accommodate your needs and preferences whenever possible. We also promote patient-patient interactions, whether during therapy sessions or recreational activities, for a plus of confidence, positivity, and integration.

  1. Relapse prevention teaching and support

Our private inpatient drug rehab near me includes relapse prevention teaching to promote long-term sobriety and healthy living. We have a team of counselors and health professionals ready to share their knowledge and experience to make your life easier and more fulfilling in the process.

If you’re ready to talk to an expert, contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound (888) 308-1985, and let’s discuss your options. You can come in for a facility tour, speak about your situation, and prepare yourself for intake and treatment today.

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