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Private Pay Drug Rehab

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound ranks as a premier private pay drug rehab in Sumner, WA, with comfortable accommodations, gourmet meals, a game room, a spacious dining area, and breathtaking views. While recovering from addiction is not easy, we make it pleasant and less painful for patients with our personalized care, evidence-based therapies, and modern amenities.

Top reasons to choose private pay for addiction treatment

Insurance does not always offer coverage for all types of addiction treatments, which may be crucial for your safe and sustainable recovery from substance abuse disorders. Also, insurance companies maintain addiction treatment records, affecting your privacy, especially if you choose to keep your rehab treatment confidential.

Besides, you can choose the rehab you like when you pay privately.

Do private pay rehabs offer better treatment?

Private pay rehab programs offer a clean, luxurious, and resort-like ambiance for patients during recovery. Our top private pay drug treatment centers for addiction have some of the most experienced therapists and health care professionals, who offer round-the-clock medical support and personalized care to recovering addicts.

Besides, private pay rehab offers patients a relaxing atmosphere, evidence-based treatments, and access to modern amenities, all of which promote a safe and speedy recovery. Private pay rehabs provide the highest quality addiction care and have the lowest relapse rates.

Difference between insurance-based rehab and private-pay drug rehab?

You can choose to pay for addiction treatment using health insurance or your funds. Private pay drug rehab offers a quicker and easier solution to seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Alternatively, insurance-based options are more affordable. However, you must call your provider to check your plan’s coverage details. Some of the differences between insurance-based and private pay rehab include:


Residential rehab treatment can range from $1000/month to $60,000/month. If you choose one of the in-network inpatient private rehabs, your insurance provider will pay for some or all of it. In the case of private pay, you will have to bear the full cost of rehab treatment or use private funding options. Some top-rated private addiction treatment centers also offer modified payment options for patients.


If you choose the insurance-based treatment route, you need to figure out the plan coverage details before considering rehab treatment. Insurance policies usually do not offer coverage for the complete cost of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs. On the contrary, you do not have to worry about plan coverage when paying privately.


If none of the in-network addiction facilities are close to where you live, you may have to travel far from home to seek treatment as insurance providers do not offer coverage for out-of-network rehabs. Contrarily, when you choose to pay privately, you can seek treatment from any rehab across the country depending on your desire, convenience, specialties, etc.

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