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Seattle Drug Treatment Centers

When an individual has a drug or alcohol dependency problem, it is best to seek professional and specialized help. The best alternative is for the affected individual to go to one of the leading rehabilitation centers in Seattle Washington. In these controlled environments, the person will be able, through different therapies and activities, to leave their dependence on substances.

Besides, in these facilities, the specialists will provide the necessary tools to stay sober once you return to their life. If you or a loved one is immersed in this condition, Seattle rehabs’ greatest alternative is Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound. It is essential that you learn more about us, so you can understand why we are the best of all Seattle drug treatment centers.

Why Choose Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound?


Therapy is one of the most recognized and effective methods of helping people with addictions. Most of the top of the line Seattle WA drug and alcohol rehabs use some type of therapy in their programs. To maximize results, at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound we use both individual and group therapy:
  • Group Therapies:

     In these dynamics, the inmates discover themselves through the experiences of others. They will have contact with other people who at some point have lived any of the situations that the patient may have suffered. Thus, patients learn from the experience of others, with feelings of empathy and solidarity, which also motivate the inmates to achieve sobriety.
  • Individual Therapies:

     When an individual develops an addiction, usually a series of unfortunate events occurred in their life that contributed to the use of the substance as an escape from reality. In the individual work of our top-line addiction treatment in Seattle, we assist our patients to overcome personal challenges, overcome difficult stages of their history, and combat different negative habits such as dysfunctional thinking. By removing these stumbling blocks from the patient’s life, they will make a definitive closure of that past and will be able to build a happy life.


One of the aspects that makes us the supreme addiction treatment center in Seattle, is that we provide everything necessary for our guests to have a full recovery. That is why we provide support in a variety of aspects that will help resolve key issues for each of our patients. These services include, among others:
  • Medical Detox
  • Residential Inpatient
  • Insurance Verification
  • Case Management
  • Family Therapies


We understand that a peaceful and comfortable environment is essential so that our guests can concentrate on achieving their sobriety. That is why we have state of the art facilities, which include comfortable rooms, a private chef and gourmet kitchen, a game room, extraordinary common areas, and a variety of activities for our interns to have healthy fun in their free time.

Trust Our Helping Hand

If you or your loved one is determined to get out of the scourge of substances, count on us. Let the most outstanding team of professionals ready to support you in recovering from your sobriety, and achieve the life you hope and deserve so much. At Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, you will find the path to your happiness. Contact us for help finding the best drug and alcohol treatment program that is an exact fit for you.

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