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Our Addiction Recovery Programs


Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound has a 4 or 8 day detox program, depending on each your individual needs. Our detox uses medication-assisted detoxification, to safely and comfortably remove any substance from your system. There is always 24 hour supervision of guests by our trained medical professional staff, to ensure your safety. Our medical detox is multi-accredited and respected for providing the highest quality treatment.


Our substance abuse treatment is individualized. We offer care at various levels and for different lengths of time, depending on your needs. We have a 2-week residential program, which is an inpatient program. This program is designed to continue to support guests through their recovery, building on the work that began in detox. The primary goal in our residential program is to begin the therapeutic work of uncovering the root cause of your substance abuse. During residential treatment, guests live in our comfortable and welcoming facilities. You will work with your own primary therapist and case manager, in addition to having medical staff, certified counselors, and other professionals at your disposal. This program is two weeks in length, but may be extended— depending on your individual case and needs.


We offer aftercare programs for your continued recovery. We have a 9-week step-down program in Lacey, Washington; the nine weeks includes a partial-hospitalization program that transitions into intensive outpatient. We set our substance abuse treatment program graduates up for success outside of treatment. If you choose to continue with our 9-week program, we help you complete your GED and even provide them transport to and from their GED classes. We also set you up with an employment specialist, who helps with resume-building, interview skills, and job placement. We want to see you re-build a happy, healthy, and meaningful life in recovery. Because We Care.

Proven-Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound knows that finding the right program for you or a loved one can be difficult. Our approach to substance abuse treatment is more than just detoxing you and sending you back on your way. We approach substance abuse by delving into the root cause of your substance abuse, because we know that using substances became your solution. Our therapy and treatment provides different solutions and the ultimate healing experience, so that you can find a different way to live. We are proud of the treatment we provide— which is why we are proud to hold accreditations from the nation’s most prestigious organizations, who also recognize our excellence as a treatment provider.


Each of our bedrooms are spacious and feature flat screen TV’s and Dish Network, allowing guests privacy and comfort while enjoying their favorite shows. Our beautiful, commercial kitchen is where our private chef will prepare delicious gourmet meals for you. We offer yoga, as well as a cross-fit style exercise program for those who choose to participate. When you’re done sweating it out, our community game room is loaded with a pool table, mini basketball hoop, karaoke, guitars, and a growing list of other activities.


Our substance abuse treatment is lead by highly trained mental health professionals and offers you daily access to a clinical therapist. In our programs, you will be attending intensive therapy sessions many times through out the day. Your well-being and success comes first at Royal Life Centers, Because We Care.

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