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Alcohol Detox Center

The withdrawal is the first true sign of addiction, yet most people ignore it until it reaches advanced stages. If you’re experiencing alcohol withdrawal, you need to consider our alcohol detox center at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound today. Your condition will only worsen with time without proper medical and psychiatric treatment.

How to know if I need a detox?

The withdrawal’s presence is a pretty clear indicator that you require medical detox fast. The symptoms may vary, depending on the disorder’s progress and your overall health status, which is why you need an expert’s opinion on the matter. Some of the withdrawal’s signs include anxiety, nausea, headache, vomiting, shaky hands, etc. You may also experience seizures, hallucinations, fever, confusion, or racing heart in advanced stages.

Going through detox is critical at this point, as it will allow you to regain control over your body, mind, and behavior. Ideally, you should consider joining an alcohol treatment and rehab when you begin experiencing alcohol cravings after not having a drink for more than several hours. This signals that your drinking patterns have already conditioned your brain by altering its chemistry dramatically. Without adequate treatment, you may suffer irreversible brain and body damages over time.

How alcohol detox works

The detoxification process is fairly simple, relying on medication and psychotherapy to negate the withdrawal and promote mental and physical healing and stability. The process relies on several phases:

Clinical intake and assessment

Our professionals will diagnose your health status, extract information about your addiction and medical history, and create a patient-oriented recovery plan. This procedure is ideal for treating patients differently, knowing they have different needs and can respond differently to our alcohol detox and rehab programs.

Detox and dual diagnosis

Treating alcoholism effectively requires medication-based detox and dual diagnosis treatment to cope with co-occurring disorders. Our professionals will supervise the process 24/7, ensuring you respond well to treatment and ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

Therapeutic support and preparation for inpatient care

We rely on therapies and counseling to prepare you mentally and emotionally for the inpatient program. This phase includes teaching an in-depth alcohol rehab guide, so you know what to expect, dealing with traumatic memories, and inspiring confidence, positivity, and stability.

The best treatment for alcohol problems

We believe that the ideal alcohol recovery treatment should use a holistic approach for maximum results. Our alcohol rehab clinic relies on a multitude of holistic procedures to achieve long-term benefits. These include:
  • Medication management
  • Behavioral and experiential therapies
  • Optimized nutrition
  • Building healthy daily routines
  • Teaching relapse prevention for long-term successful sobriety
  • Guiding patients through a personal growth process, etc.
Our alcohol detox center uses staff-patient and patient-patient relationships as tools for a smoother and more comfortable recovery. At Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, we offer access to a serene and peaceful environment, promoting healing, self-introspection, and sobriety. Call 888-308-1985, share your situation with our counselor, and we’ll take it from there!

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