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12-Step Self-Help Groups & Substance Misuse Disorders

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About three in ten people used feel-good substances to help them get over emotionally and physical rough patches. About three in ten people used their own reasoning abilities and problems solving skills, with as needed consultation with others, to help them get over emotionally and physical rough patches. About three in ten people did both […]

Why Is Nutrition Important In Addiction Treatment

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In order to understand why nutrition is important in addiction treatment, we must first understand what makes people live happily past the age of 100 and still be able to walk briskly. We realize there are countless people who say their variety of good nutrition is better than the rest. But, none give the number […]

Addiction is a Family Disease: Genetics and the Brain Reward Cascade

addiction is a family disease - addiction and genetics - genetics and addiction - do my genetics make me predisposed to addiction? do my genetics make me more likely to abuse substances? - genetics - addiction

The story of the familial or genetic nature of addiction begins with the disease concept of addiction. Alcohol and drug dependence conveniently went uncovered by health insurance up until the late 1970s. The reason for this was multifactorial: The public and non-addiction medical specialists simply believed that cessation was a function of self-control, self-discipline, foolish […]

Addiction Replacement: From Drug Use to Behavioral Addictions

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Clinical research confirms that people who recover from one addiction are at increased risk of evolving another (Koball). For example, most stimulant, sedative and opiate addicts gain significant amounts of weight during the first 30 days of residential treatment. But oxidized food addiction, the top killer in the world, does not usually take people out […]