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Why Is Nutrition Important In Addiction Treatment

In order to understand why nutrition is important in addiction treatment, we must first understand what makes people live happily past the age of 100 and still be able to walk briskly.

We realize there are countless people who say their variety of good nutrition is better than the rest. But, none give the number of people living past the age of 100, centenarians that got to be over 100 by using their good nutrition guidelines.

Many nutrition experts dupe us into following their health advice without any centenarian-proof.
No worries, we won’t be using any of them as references here because we only use good nutrition facts derived from people who have lived and currently are living past the age of 100.

People 100 years of age and older, who have joyfully lived and are currently ambulatory, are our expert nutrition instructors today.

We will integrate what centenarians have taught us, with the latest scientific advances that so called experts and the media do not know about.

Why don’t the so called experts and media don’t keep up with the latest scientific advancements in nutrition?
Let’s begin there.

Scientific Studies

While politicians and others have been stealing news headlines for the past few decades, amazing new scientific discoveries have been made.
These new discoveries finally make medical sense out of why Keto and Atkins type “good dieting nutrition” gets people a horrible death in their 50s to 60s or Alzheimer’s in their 70s to 90s.
The new scientific studies also explain why and how centenarian nutrition actually works.
So, let us begin to answer why nutrition is important in addiction treatment, by first letting you in on many related scientific facts that have never before been applied to nutrition.

Each Human Body is Like an Atomic Reactor

Our body is made-up more of electro-chemicals rather than just chemicals.

We don’t develop chemical imbalances as much as electro-chemical imbalances.

The word “electro” is new, and ads “electrons,” or electricity, to our understanding of nutrition.

But before we show you how our body is powered by our body’s electro-chemical battery, let’s show why your body contains more energy than many galaxies.

How Much Energy Does Your Body Contain?

Each hydrogen atom is mainly made up of space. Its center is made up of a positively charged proton, let’s say about the size of a basketball. It has 1 negatively charged electron, let’s say about the size of tennis ball, orbiting more than the equivalent of 10 miles away from its proton.
The hydrogen atoms in and all the other atoms that make up our hand, look dense, but in reality each atom is mainly empty space.
The relatively huge electromagnetic space within each hydrogen houses unbelievable amounts of energy.

How much energy?
The latent energy within a single hydrogen atom is more than a million times greater than the latent energy within all the planets and all the stars, out more than a million light years.
That is a lot of energy.
Now consider that your body contains more than a million million million hydrogen atoms.
Now it is easier to view your body as an electro-chemical battery with more latent atomic energy than the latent atomic energy found within many galaxies.
It may now be easier to understand why some monks say the Universe is within you, and without you.
Let us now step inside our electro-chemical bodies.

Your Electro-Chemical Body

You may have heard about “antioxidants” and “free radicals”, but you were probably not told what they mean from an electro-chemical point of view.
The basic electro-chemical reaction that occurs within our body is, much like your vehicles battery. For example:

  1. An antioxidant is heated or oxidized to its free radical form, plus 1 free electron
  2. Antioxidants such as fresh apple slices help us live longer because heated apple chips increases the amount of electrons or electricity roaming around our body.
  3. Aimlessly roaming electrons are like laser bullets to our body’s cells.
  4. Aimlessly roaming electrons cause:
    • Heart disease
    • Cancer
    • Stroke of Atrial Fibrillation
    • Diabetes Type 2
    • Alzheimer’s
    • Mood Disorders
    • And countless other illnesses
  5. Antioxidants such as fresh apple slices neutralize cell terrorizing roaming electrons
  6. Heated apple slices ad to the pool of cell terrorizing roaming electrons

The trick to centenarian type nutrition is balancing heated or processed nutrition with antioxidant nutrition. Therefore, we have been incorrectly taught that apples represent good nutrition and now you know that is not always true.

Like most good antioxidants, eating a raw apple every day can help us generate less body-electrocution (body-electrocution = systemic oxidative stress or SOS) Similarly, like most heated or oxidized foods and beverages, eating more electrically charged apple sauce, chips or pie generates more body-electrocution or SOS. Many prefer apple sauce, chips or pie because it’s more “electric” and helps fights sluggishness better than the less electrocuting raw apple. But eating apple, sauce, chips or pie daily without balancing with raw antioxidants, such as fresh oranges or bananas, makes it difficult to thrive, not just survive, past 100.

Drugs Effect

What Do Drugs do to Your Body’s Electro-Chemistry?

  • Nicotine increases body-electrocution or SOS about equally during its focused/calm stage & distracted/anxious withdrawal stage
  • Alcohol & benzodiazepines increase body-electrocution or SOS much more during their anxious withdrawal stage, than during their relaxed stage
  • Opioids increases body-electrocution or SOS much more during their painfully anxious withdrawal stage
  • Stimulants increase body-electrocution or SOS equally during their focused & energetic stage, & emotionally & physically fatigued & depressed withdrawal stage
  • Marijuana & hallucinogens increase body-electrocution or SOS about equally during their use stage and withdrawal stage

By the time you arrive in detox/rehab your body-electrocution or SOS is triply multiplied by mainly eating highly heated or oxidized convenience foods and beverages, and using drugs and withdrawing from drugs.
No wonder you feel like you have been tortured with varying amounts of electricity.
This is why not just any flavor of good nutrition is important in addiction treatment.
This is why electro-chemically balanced and SOS lowering nutrition is important in addiction treatment.

Electro-Chemically Balanced Nutrition during Addiction Treatment

  1. Worrying about how your drug abusing lifestyle increased your SOS, increases your SOS
  2. Cut yourself a break, you literally have tortured yourself for years
  3. Stop worrying & eat the foods your body is craving, even if it’s one oxidized food after another
  4. If you crave feel-better-dopamine, & body-electricity & SOS boosting cheese omelet with hash browns & toast for breakfast, have it
  5. You’ve put yourself in a torture chamber for years
  6. If you crave feel-better-dopamine, & body-electricity & SOS boosting cheeseburger with fries for lunch, have it
  7. You’ve put yourself in a torture chamber for years
  8. If you crave a bag of chips or cookies for a snack, have it
  9. You’ve put yourself in a torture chamber for years
  10. If you crave feel-better-dopamine, & body-electricity & SOS boosting fried chicken or fish & macaroni & cheese with garlic toast for dinner, have it
  11. You’ve put yourself in a torture chamber for years
  12. If you crave a bowl of breakfast cereal or a slice of pizza before going to sleep, have it
  13. You’ve put yourself in a in a torture chamber for years
  14. When you are ready, begin your processed food or oxidized food abuse detoxification
  15. When it’s time, begin your detox from highly oxidized convenience foods a few days after beginning your detox from your drug(s) of choice
  16. Begin by slowly neutralizing or replacing highly oxidized meals & snacks with raw or minimally oxidized entrees, sides & snacks, when & where you feel able
  17. Go with hardboiled eggs instead fried eggs;
  18. baked potatoes or mashed instead of hash browns or toast;
  19. first pressed olive oil (FP) instead of vegetable oil;
  20. butter instead of margarine;
  21. plain yogurt with fresh fruit instead of ice cream;
  22. meatloaf instead of fried chicken;
  23. meatballs in sauce or meat sauce over semolina & durum wheat noodles topped with parmesan instead of a cheeseburger & fries;
  24. & offset highly processed foods with alkaline greens such as lima beans, kale, cucumber, avocado, collard greens, broccoli & rapini (broccoli rabe).

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