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Having Fun In Recovery

With so many people getting sober at an early age, the question that frequently arises is “How do I have fun now that I’m sober?” Most people think that since you’re sober now you should stay away from the “usual suspects” of places us addicts/alcoholics frequented. Well, most people are generally right about this, but […]

7 Benefits of Pet Therapy in Recovery

Anyone who has an animal knows how uplifting they can be. Animals can have a positive effect on your mood and also make great companions. This is why so many people have them and often care for them as they would a family member. They can be great for anyone, especially for people in recovery. […]

The Devastating Resurgence of Methamphetamines in America

meth - methamphetamines

With the opioid crisis reaching alarming levels— over 140 Americans die every day from opioid overdose (National Public Radio) and thousands of major pharmacies across the country now sell non-prescription Narcan, a naloxone nasal spray used to reverse the effects of opioid overdose— methamphetamine use has been flying under the public health radar. In 2005, […]

Accepting Setbacks in Recovery

relapse - setbacks - relapse is a part of recovery - get back on track

In recovery, it is essential to remember that relapse does not erase your successes. A relapse is a speed bump, not failure. Still, it can be difficult to keep this in mind when you’ve been sober for a length of time. It’s important to accept your setbacks and build on them in ways that support […]

Practicing Self-Worth/Care in Early Recovery

self-care - self-worth - recovery - early recovery

Substance use disorders often wedge themselves into relationships— including the one you have with yourself. When substance use is a priority, basic health and well-being practices are often neglected. Good mental and physical health are essential to a happy, healthy life and are of particular importance to those in early recovery from a substance use […]

Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery

Like other diseases, substance use disorder can negatively impact not only the individual, but also that person’s loved ones. One of the most significant things you can do for yourself is maintaining healthy relationships in recovery. Establishing new relationships in recovery is one thing, but rebuilding relationships negatively impacted by substance use disorder is more […]

Why You Should Limit Rewards in Early Recovery

Early recovery is a time of emotional highs and lows, and those overcoming a substance use disorder who are newly sober must take care to limit their rewards. Too many rewards— material items, gifts, even words of praise— can have negative effects on those in early recovery. When you receive a reward, the brain’s pleasure […]

What to Read After the Big Book

The “Big Book,” AA’s foundational text, is cornerstone literature in the recovery community. The Big Book is a great text to bookmark and revisit while in recovery from a substance use disorder, but adding additional recovery texts to your rotation never hurt. Why should I read recovery literature? Reading recovery literature can help you to […]

5 Signs You’re in a Great Sober Living Facility

sober living facility - sober living - sober house - halfway house - 3/4 house

You’ve completed detox, IOP, and PHP, so now it’s time to move on to the next level of care— sober living. What is a sober living facility? A sober living facility, or halfway house, is a group living arrangement designed to help those overcoming a substance use disorder to reintegrate back into society. Typically, people […]

Mindfulness & Meditation as Part of Recovery

In recovery, particularly early recovery, staying active and engaging in positive activities is essential to sobriety and physical and mental wellness. One such activity is mindfulness, which is essentially the idea of living in the present moment. To be mindful is to exist in the present and to carefully observe passing thoughts and feelings without […]