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Art Therapy as Part of Recovery

Art Therapy as Part of Recovery

Like many forms of therapy, art therapy garners mixed reactions from the recovery community. Its effectiveness is often disputed among rehab, PHP, and IOP program participants. At Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, we believe nurturing guests’ creative side inspires and encourages and that art therapy, an integrative, dynamic form of therapy combining sensory and […]

5 Keys to Better Everyday Mental Health

better mental health - 5 keys to better mental health - find stability

Everyday mental health is just as, if not more, important as long-term mental health. A sustainable relationship with yourself— your emotions, feelings, and often, consequentially, actions— starts with positive actions that you take on a daily basis. Cultivating this relationship is especially important for those in the early or ongoing stages of recovery from substance […]

4 Ways to Manage Boredom in Substance Abuse Recovery

Productivity and progress, not boredom, are your friends in sobriety. Early recovery from substance abuse can leave you feeling isolated and unsure of what you should do next, and boredom can quickly become a reality if you let it. Disinterest in activities while resisting any lingering temptation to use drugs or alcohol may leave you […]

Building a Sober Support Network

Recovery is more than abstaining from drug or alcohol use; long-term recovery is rooted in a healthy lifestyle not dependent on substance use. Positive relationships, part of a healthy lifestyle, can help you on your recovery path. Surrounding yourself with people who care about you and your sobriety and building that network is an excellent way […]

Opioid Crisis Breaking Waves in Puget Sound

waves - opioid crisis - opioid crisis breaking waves in washington - the opioid crisis in washington

Last month, scientists from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) discovered something never found before— traces of the opioid painkiller oxycodone in mussels in Puget Sound. Oxycodone was not the only drug researchers found in tissues of local bay mussels. Antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, heart medications, other antibiotics, and synthetic surfactants were also detected. […]