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Our Addiction Recovery Programs


Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound has a 4 or 8 day medical detox program— the length of your stay is dependent on your individual needs. Our detox uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT), to safely and comfortably remove alcohol from your system. There is always 24 hour supervision of guests by our highly trained medical staff, to ensure your safety. Our medical detox is multi-accredited and respected for providing the best care in our treatment for alcoholism.


We offer programs at different levels and for varying lengths of time, depending on your needs. We have inpatient programs like our alcohol detox and 2-week residential program. The primary goal of these programs is to begin the therapeutic work of uncovering the root cause of your alcoholism. During our alcohol detox, guests live in our safe, comfortable, and welcoming detox center. You will work with your own primary therapist and case manager, in addition to having medical staff, certified counselors, and other professionals at your disposal. This program is two weeks in length, but may be extended— depending on your individual case and needs.


We offer aftercare programs for your continued recovery. We have a 9-week step-down program in Lacey, Washington. The nine weeks include a partial-hospitalization program that transitions into intensive outpatient. If you choose to continue with our 9-week program, we help you complete your GED and even provide transportation to and from GED classes. We also set you up with an employment specialists, who help with resume-building, interview skills, and job placement. We want to set you up for a successful life in recovery. Because We Care.

Our Addiction Recovery Programs

Medical Detox

Detox is the shortest phase of the recovery process, but it is also the most crucial. Because We Care Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is sensitive to the earliest stage of recovery. When taking the first step toward a new life, one will experience a wide range of emotions.

Residential Inpatient

Residential inpatient treatment following detox at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is encouraged, as it is often when self-discovery and change can begin. In addition, we provide dual-diagnosis and medication management. Our residential inpatient program also involves daily group and individual therapy sessions.

What to Expect

Royal Life Centers knows that finding the right drug and alcohol treatment program can be a dizzying task. With so many options out there it can be a difficult decision when choosing a facility for yourself or a loved one. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound takes the guesswork out of this often-complicated process. The comfort and safety of our guests is always top priority, which shows throughout our program. For starters, each of our spacious bedrooms features flat screen TV’s and Dish Network, allowing guests privacy and comfort while enjoying their favorite show. Our beautiful, state of the art commercial kitchen, is where our private chef will prepare you delicious gourmet meals. We offer yoga as well as a cross-fit style exercise program for those who choose to participate. When you’re done sweating it out, our community game room is loaded with a pool table, mini basketball, karaoke, guitars, and a growing list of other activities. Our program utilizes highly trained mental health professionals and offers clients daily access to a clinical therapist. Each guest’s well-being and success comes first at Royal Life Centers, Because We Care.
What to Expect

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