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Drug Treatment Centers in Oregon

Not all drug treatment centers in Oregon meet the same quality standards or offer the same treatments and recovery programs. We believe that Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is the best pick for you for several reasons:

Handling mild to severe cases

Our top drug treatment centers in OR area specialize in both mild and advanced substance addiction, offering medical and psychiatric assistance for effective and sustainable recovery. We are especially apt at handling aggravated cases where patients require detox and inpatient drug rehab in Oregon. If you’re experiencing aggressive withdrawal regularly and dangerous addiction-related side-effects, our programs will turn your life around.

The programs we’re using to address addiction’s underlying causes and help patients recover safely and effectively include:

  • Patient-oriented medical detox
  • Dual diagnosis treatment via medication and therapy
  • Behavioral and recreational therapies
  • One-on-one counseling and guidance
  • Group meetings, etc.

These procedures will change your life considerably during treatment, allowing you to overcome the withdrawal and start forging a better future for yourself and those you love.

Holistic recovery

Our holistic approach is what has propelled us among the top-rated Oregon addiction treatment centers in the industry. Unlike many other facilities in the business, we don’t focus on addiction’s symptoms but its causes. We care about the triggers that have led to your current situation, and these can vary tremendously from one patient to the other. Some resort to substance abuse to cope with mental or emotional trauma, while others have mental problems disrupting their normal lifestyle or simply lack family guidance and support.

We have a solution to any of these problems. Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs in Oregon areas promote sobriety, healthy living, and personal growth, helping patients undergo a vast self-discovery journey at our center. Here, you will learn how to live sober and healthy, regain your confidence and self-esteem, and work for a better job and more fulfilling career over the years. Our holistic recovery protocol help residents grow into more responsible and positive individuals who will never make the same mistake twice.

Providing a unique recovery experience

Aside from using the latest technologies and treatments, we also offer luxurious living conditions, top-notch amenities, and unparalleled patient care and support. We have a compassionate staff looking out for you 24/7, an experienced chef preparing the tastiest meals you’ve ever had, and comfortable living quarters, promoting relaxation and healing. All these assets will provide you with a one-of-a-kind recovery experience that will turn into a memorable rehabilitation journey for you to remember over the years.

Choosing your ideal drug treatment centers in Oregon is a delicate business, which is why you must be picky and careful with your preferences. Our facility meets the industry’s highest standards regarding patient care, personnel experience and qualifications, living conditions, amenities, and rehabilitation programs.

If you wish to know more about Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, call us at 888-308-1985 and come in for a facility tour! You can make an appointment today, make the final preparations, and come to our center for assessment and intake.

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