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Inpatient Treatment Oregon

Our inpatient treatment in Oregon is vital for safe rehabilitation, especially if you’re dealing with severe addiction and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound promotes controlled, safe, and comfortable recovery in a relaxing environment. If you or anyone you love struggle with addiction, it’s time to come looking for help today.

How to join the inpatient program

The first step to make is looking for the top drug treatment centers in Oregon. You must make sure you’re getting the best treatment money can get since fighting addiction is a matter of life and death. After making an appointment with your rehab facility of choice, you must prepare yourself for the intake process. At our center, the intake process comprises of gathering critical information about your situation. This includes:

  • Medical history
  • Current physical and mental health status
  • Addiction specifics (the drug you use, how advanced your addiction is, various side-effects, etc.)
  • Withdrawal symptoms and severity
  • Signs of co-occurring mental problems
  • Your social, financial, and familial problems, etc.

The more our clinicians discover about your case, the easier it will be for them to craft a patient-oriented program for immediate benefits. The assessment phase is also critical for creating a personalized detox and recovery program. You will begin the detoxification process upon completing the intake phase, which will last up to two weeks, preparing you for inpatient drug rehab in OR.

Help a loved one enroll in rehab

If you have a family member or a friend fighting addiction and wish to help them, our top-rated Oregon addiction treatment centers are perfect for the task. Your job is to convince the victim to make the first step and accept the need for professional treatment. You can achieve this through open discussions, highlighting:

  • Their addiction’s impact on their physical and mental health
  • How their behavior affects those they love
  • The benefits of rehab
  • The support they’ll receive from you and others if they decide to begin the treatment
  • How their lives will shift for the better thanks to rehab

You must prepare yourself to deal with their aggressive denial and rejection, which is typical behavior in any addict in the initial phases. If you can’t get through them, we advise calling one of our counselors for advice, and we can help you stage an intervention in the presence of a specialist.

The ideal inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs in Oregon

Our inpatient rehab treatment is ideal for coping even with the most advanced addiction forms. We offer personalized inpatient treatment in Oregon, luxurious living quarters, modern amenities and rehab programs, and continuous expert support throughout the treatment’s duration. If you want to speak to an expert, we are here to listen to you. Call Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound (888) 308-1985, and let’s discuss your options! We guarantee safe and smooth recovery at our centers, as our professionals will guide and support you throughout your transformation journey. The sooner you join our rehab, the easier it will be to quit your addiction for good.

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