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Intensive Outpatient Treatment Seattle

If you show symptoms of substance addiction, you need to contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound for assessment and intake today! Only our experts can diagnose your condition correctly and recommend proper treatment and rehab. They will also assess your condition to know whether you qualify for the inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment in Seattle.

Who is a good candidate for an IOP treatment?

You can qualify for IOP by falling into certain categories like:

  • Completing the inpatient program – If you have already completed the inpatient treatment at our top drug treatment centers in Seattle, WA, you are already fit for the IOP program. IOP functions as a follow-up treatment, allowing patients to build on the foundation they’ve built during inpatient treatment.
  • Not requiring inpatient care – If you’re stable enough and can fight addiction at home, you don’t need to join our inpatient drug rehab in Seattle, Washington. This automatically qualifies you for our IOP, requiring you to come to our center for treatment, therapy, and counseling.
  • Lacking time or money – If you can’t afford inpatient care due to insufficient funds or a crowded schedule, our IOP will fit you perfectly. The IOP program is perfect for individuals with busy jobs or regular social or professional tasks that they can’t postpone.

Since IOP is generally more effective in combination with inpatient care, we always advise patients to undergo inpatient treatment prior to IOP. The inpatient program will provide you with the tools, medical care, and therapeutic support you need to become self-sufficient and physically and mentally balanced and healthy. To know which program fits your situation the best, we recommend contacting our professionals for immediate assessment and diagnosis.

Top-rated Washington addiction treatment centers

Substance addiction is a life-threatening disorder with devastating long-term consequences. To rehabilitate and recover effectively, we recommend seeking immediate treatment at our facility before your condition aggravates any further. Our center provides:

  • Comprehensive clinical assessment and diagnosis
  • Dual diagnosis treatment to cope with co-occurring disorders
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Medication management support during and after rehab
  • Personal growth guidance
  • Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs in Seattle
  • Peer support and aftercare counseling, etc.

These programs promote stability, healing, and sustainable sobriety, allowing people to take over their lives and quit addiction for good. The rehabilitation process takes time and effort, and it won’t come without significant personal sacrifices, but the result is always worth it.

The benefits of early drug detox

The detox program is the most effective in addiction’s initial phases. As your disorder progresses, your condition will aggravate and alter your brain’s functioning, even more, making the rehab process that much more difficult. To prevent that, we recommend seeking intensive outpatient treatment in Seattle today. Contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound at (888) 308-1985 and ask for an expert counselor. We are available for assistance if you’re ready to turn your life around. Leave your shame and fears away, make the call, and we guarantee your life will change forever!

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