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Rehabs In Washington State

Having to deal with the COVID outbreak has definitely made things harder for residential rehab centers, but it hasn’t changed much for us. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound has adapted to the situation to provide addiction victims with the same top-quality services at our rehabs in Washington State.

Drug and alcohol rehab during COVID

Addiction doesn’t wait for anybody, which means we couldn’t just close our business and let people handle their situation alone. Since that was not an option, we have adapted our Washington State rehabs to the times to keep our doors open and provide our clients with the finest and safest treatment and care during the COVID era. Among the measures we have adopted, we mention:

  1. Preliminary COVID tests

Nobody comes to our rehabilitation centers in Washington and joins our rehab program without undergoing a COVID test during the intake phase. If you show up as positive, you will first need to recover from the illness in a specialized facility to avoid unnecessary complications during rehab or risk spreading the disease among our clients or staff.

All patients undergo this procedure before signing in our WA drug and alcohol rehabs as a precautionary measure, with no exceptions.

  1. Upgraded cleaning and disinfection protocols

We had to upgrade our cleaning protocol, which was already at unsurpassed highs, to ensure the utmost safety during the treatment. Our addiction treatment center in Washington performs regular cleaning and disinfection, making sure to scrub, wash, and clean all surfaces with powerful solutions to kill any germs, viruses, or bacteria, COVID included.

This will help you feel safe, knowing that we spare no effort in ensuring our patient’s security and comfort during one of the most sensitive times of their lives.

  1. Training our staff and residents

All our staff members now know how to protect themselves and their patients from COVID. This includes washing and disinfecting the tools and equipment daily, washing their hands multiple times per day, and wearing masks whenever possible to minimize the risks. We teach our residents the same preventive measures, which will allow us to create a safe, comfortable, and COVID-free recovery environment.

Should I go to rehab during COVID?

Yes, you should. No one really knows how long the outbreak will live, and your addiction will worsen in the meantime. Our facility is safe from COVID infections due to the extreme protective measures we have adopted as part of our daily protocols. Your addiction treatment in Washington will take place in a safe, comfortable, and clean setting, under our professionals’ continuous supervision. They are ready to intervene and provide medical and psychiatric assistance whenever necessary, helping you focus on recovery and healing for the entire treatment’s duration. If you’re looking for safe and reliable rehabs in Washington State, our center is the ideal destination. Contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, ask to speak with a counselor, and inquire about our payment options, treatment, detox services, and COVID protocols. We are ready to answer all queries at (888) 308-1985 whenever you want to call us.

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