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Residential Treatment Centers In Oregon

Finding the most reliable residential treatment centers in Oregon is critical for fast recovery and long-term sobriety. Our Oregon state rehabs offer comfort, effective rehabilitation programs, patient-oriented detox and recovery treatments, and a supportive and safe healing environment.

Who can join the residential treatment?

Our inpatient/residential treatment is ideal for all individuals dealing with severe addiction and co-occurring mental problems. If you’re facing intense withdrawal and have problems containing your cravings or controlling your behavior and emotions, you need to undergo detox before inpatient treatment.

Do you offer detox services?

Yes, we provide patient-oriented detox care involving medication and therapy. The detoxification process lasts about 14 days and will contribute to your recovery tremendously.

Why is your rehab approach different than that of other facilities?

Our rehabilitation centers in Oregon conduct holistic recovery programs for comprehensive recovery and healing. Our holistic approach allows our experts to craft patient-oriented programs capable of fitting their unique profiles and provide in-depth comfort, recovery, and mental and emotional support. This personalized approach is effective at addressing addiction’s underlying triggers and causes and present reliable long-term solutions.

What therapies do you offer?

Our OR drug and alcohol rehabs include cognitive behavioral therapy, Motivational Interviewing, individual and group therapy, art therapy, etc. All these programs are ideal for helping patients cope with trauma, handle their mental problems, and grow into more confident, positive, and responsible individuals.

What addictions do you treat?

Our addiction treatment center in Oregon specializes in dealing with substance abuse and substance addiction. We deal with alcohol addiction and drugs like opioids, benzos, methamphetamines, and cocaine and stimulants.

When can I join the inpatient program?

You can begin the program as soon as you complete the intake process, and our experts take care of your case’s specifics. This includes settling the payment option, assessing your condition, completing the detox process, and stabilizing your behavior and co-occurring disorders. This is also when we determine the type of treatment you need and its duration based on your needs, capabilities, and preferences.

What happens in rehab?

The rehabilitation process consists of group meetings and individual counseling sessions five or more times per day. You will also get three nutritious and delicious meals daily from our top chef, along with several snacks in between, whenever you need any. You can spend your remaining rest time however you please, either by relaxing, enjoying meditation or yoga, or engage in recreational group activities for bonding and relaxation. Our addiction treatment in Oregon offers patients the most reliable recovery program in the business. At our residential treatment centers in Oregon, we offer patients the opportunity to relax in a safe and comfortable environment, away from the social triggers fueling their addictions. Contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, ask to speak with an expert, and tell us your life’s story! You can call (888) 308-1985 for any information regarding payment or treatment options or if you wish to make an appointment for assessment and treatment today.

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