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Tacoma Alcohol Rehab Center

If you’ve been dealing with alcoholism for a long time, you need urgent detox and rehab services asap. Coming to our top Tacoma alcohol rehab center at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound will not only save your life but change it forever as well. Our Tacoma rehabs use a holistic approach to recovery, promoting long-term sobriety, health, and personal growth.

Do you need detox to overcome alcoholism?

Yes, you do. Nobody seeks medical assistance with alcohol addiction until they’re already dealing with severe withdrawal and life-altering side-effects. At that point, medical detox is critical for safe and fast rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation centers in Tacoma, Washington, rely on clinical assessment to gather information about your condition during the intake phase. This will allow our experts to create a customizable rehabilitation program for utmost efficiency.

The detoxification phase relies on patient-oriented medication protocols and therapy to:

  • Eliminate alcohol components and toxins from your system
  • Restore the nervous system’s healthy functioning
  • Reset the addicted brain
  • Reduce the pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • Minimize the withdrawal’s impact and symptoms
  • Stabilize your behavior and prevent short-term relapse, etc.

The procedure’s main goal is to prepare you for upcoming therapy and treatment programs since detox alone isn’t enough to fight alcoholism effectively. You need a more thorough, overarching recovery protocol to achieve that.

The best Tacoma, WA, drug, and alcohol rehabs

With the intake and detox phases over, you can now move on to the next stage, which is the inpatient treatment. The program relies on several months of intensive care, during which you will live at our high-end facility, under continuous supervision and control. Our addiction treatment center in Tacoma offers you the opportunity to recover and heal in a supportive, relaxing, luxurious, and home-life environment, safe from your usual triggers.

Our experts will assess your progress and reaction to the treatment, making sure you stay on course and ready to adjust the program whenever necessary. This will allow you to focus on your sobriety goals, regain your confidence and mental and emotional stability, and make plans for a better future. The inpatient treatment offers medication management assistance, therapeutic support, counseling, and guidance for fast, sustainable, and fruitful recovery.

Treating addiction and co-occurring disorders

Our addiction treatment in Seattle uses dual diagnosis treatment as a tool to promote sustainable sobriety long after completing rehab. Our professionals possess the vital knowledge and experience to handle problems like anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and other mental issues that may have triggered or fuel your addictive behavior. Knowing how alcohol addiction functions and how aggressive it can be, we recommend coming to our Tacoma alcohol rehab center today for immediate assessment and intake. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound offers high-end rehabilitation services, medical detox, psychotherapies, counseling, and a luxurious recovery setting for safety and comfort during treatment. Call our counselors at (888) 308-1985, and let’s discuss your options moving forward. So long as you are mentally and emotionally ready, our team welcomes you to begin the treatment today.

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