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Treatment Centers In Washington

Finding the best treatment centers in Washington is vital when dealing with prolonged and severe addiction. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound provides medical and psychiatric assistance to people dealing with both substance addiction and co-occurring disorders, looking for a safe and comfortable recovery environment. We only rely on proven medical procedures, and our staff holds the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and qualifications for the job.

Our experts are as follows:

Frank Cid (Founder) – He is the father of Royal Life Centers, with over a decade of experience in leading one of the most impressive rehab conglomerates in the business.

Shannon Cid (Executive Director) – With a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and an ongoing Doctorate Degree in Education, Shannon Cid is at the heart of our Washington State rehabs with countless qualifications and an unbreakable passion for helping people recover.

Dr. Lisa Tomsak (Medical Director) – Lisa has been working as a Medical Director for our facility since 2016 and has vast expertise in medicine and biosciences, along with an unparalleled passion and commitment to the field of substance abuse.

Kristie Slinksey (Clinical Consultant) – With a master’s degree in social work, she is a competent professional, working for our rehabilitation centers in Washington since 2015.

Gina Firicano (General Manager) – Gina’s expertise is alumni care, which she had mastered since 2012 when she first joined our rehab family.

Joseph Ferrance (PA) – Joseph is a competent physician assistant with over 17 years of experience in the field. He will be your protector and guardian during the WA drug and alcohol rehabs.

Marc Anthony (Director of Business Development) – Marc has completed our alumni program in the past, which means he’s overqualified to guide and counsel patients in overcoming their addiction-related problems.

Eric Andrews (National Director of QA) – Eric’s job is to monitor and improve Royal Life Center’s policies, using his extensive knowledge and experience as an authorized professional for our company.

Yolin Tapia (Director of West Coast Operations) – Yolin is a reputed case management professional at our addiction treatment center in Washington. Her job includes providing assistance to our patients and working on their case management program for fast and sustainable recovery.

Our other experts include Andria Alivio, Michael Taylor, Maria Mollica, Kelsey Kulick, Heidi Krotzer, Dominic Milano, Denise Mishew, Teresa Rorie, and Kippy Jones. They are all invaluable assets for our addiction treatment in Washington, with vast expertise and competence in their respective fields.

Contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound at (888) 308-1985, visit our treatment centers in Washington, and ask for more information about our staff, programs, services, and treatment options today!

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