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Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Our alcohol addiction rehab program at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound relies on a holistic approach to provide the best and most sustainable results. The rehabilitation program is vital for the recovery’s long-term success, allowing patients to embrace sobriety and change their lives entirely after treatment.

How alcohol rehab works

The alcohol treatment and rehab program begins with detox in most cases since alcoholism inflicts severe physical and psychological dependency. This is truer with prolonged addictions that often span over multiple years. The alcohol detox and rehab programs rely on medication, psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, and counseling to:

  • Flush the alcohol’s toxins and components from your system
  • Restore the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Minimize the withdrawal’s impact
  • Reduce the pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • Ensure the patient’s safety throughout the detox process
  • Stabilize your behavioral and emotional functioning

Once the detox process is successful, you will move into the inpatient program to continue the recovery process. The inpatient treatment relies on medication management, therapeutic assistance, recreational activities, and support groups to promote sustainable sobriety and healing.

Treating alcoholism effectively requires a holistic approach, and our inpatient treatment provides just that. During the program, you will remain under continuous supervision, as our professionals will assess your progress and adjust the treatment whenever necessary.

The last treatment phase consists of outpatient services and case management, during which our experts will teach responsibility, confidence, accountability, and self-sufficiency. In other words, you will learn how to regain your mental and emotional stability, work towards a more flourishing career, and fix your family relationships.

The ultimate alcohol rehab guide

If you’re struggling with alcoholism and have no idea where to head next, here are the steps that will lead you to freedom and sobriety:

  • Overcome your denial and acknowledge the problem
  • Speak with your family members and friends, let them know, and ask for their help
  • Have a clear goal in mind regarding your life post-rehab
  • Prepare yourself mentally for any sacrifice necessary on your road to sobriety
  • Promise yourself never to give up on your newfound long-term goals
  • Contact our team of experts for immediate assessment and treatment
  • Speak your mind with honesty and determination
  • Start taking responsibilities and accept accountability for your faults
  • Complete the inpatient program and join the outpatient treatment if necessary
  • Never forget your achievements and allow them to make you a better person

We believe that the best treatment for alcohol problems comes from within. If you have strength of heart and know what you want in life, nothing is stopping you from reaching your goals. Our alcohol rehab clinic is open around the clock if you feel the need to speak with a counselor.

Our 24/7 addiction recovery hotline

Come to Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, ask about our alcohol addiction rehab programs, and we’ll fill you in. We want to show you that there’s nothing to fear in rehab. At our center, we provide a safe and relaxing setting where you can heal in peace and make plans for a brighter and sober future. Our addiction specialists work around the clock, so that we are always here for you when you need help. Please call us at 888-308-1985.

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