Alcohol Treatment Oregon

Alcohol Treatment Oregon

If you want to overcome alcoholism, you must undergo specialized alcohol treatment in Oregon today. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound uses the most advanced recovery programs to address alcohol addiction and its underlying causes, helping patients embrace sobriety and an overall healthier lifestyle.

The best alcohol treatment services

Our alcohol treatment and rehab in Oregon relies on a holistic approach to achieve optimal long-term results. The programs we’re using include:

  • In-depth medical assessment and intake

    – The intake process includes gathering critical information about your patient profile. This includes medical history, current mental health status, addiction specifics (withdrawal symptoms, side-effects, when you became addicted, etc.), and so on. Based on this information, our clinicians will then devise a customized detox and rehab approach for fast and long-lasting benefits.

  • Detoxification and stabilization

    – If you’re dealing with severe alcohol addiction, you can’t avoid the detox process. The procedure uses medication and therapy to counter addiction’s primary physical and psychological effects. The goal is to cleanse your body, stabilize your mind, reduce the withdrawal’s impact, help you control your cravings, and prepare you for inpatient treatment.

  • Dual diagnosis care

    – Our alcohol detox and rehab programs include dual diagnosis treatment to address co-occurring disorders effectively. Most victims of prolonged alcohol addiction struggle with anxiety, high-stress levels, depression, PTSD, etc. Ignoring these problems will impact the recovery process and increase the relapse risk over the years, which is why dual diagnosis is critical during rehab.

  • Behavioral therapies

    – Therapeutic procedures like CBT, Motivational Interviewing, recreational therapy, art therapy, etc., are essential for treating alcoholism in Oregon. Behavioral therapies promote positivity, balanced thoughts and emotions, confidence, and higher self-esteem. These programs will support your recovery efforts tremendously during and after the rehabilitation treatment.

  • Long-term sobriety guidance

    – Everybody needs an alcohol rehab guide to help them remain sober in the long run. This includes learning about addiction and relapse, identifying social and familial triggers, coping with cravings, managing co-occurring mental issues, etc. Our treatment for alcohol problems relies on teaching long-term sobriety management so that patients can embrace a healthy, clean lifestyle over the years.

The most effective drug and alcohol treatment program

Our alcohol rehab clinic in OR promotes fast and sustainable recovery in a controlled, safe, and clean environment. We strive to provide patients with an unforgettable recovery experience, allowing them to heal and overcome their problems fast and effectively. We know that finding the ideal alcohol treatment in Oregon isn’t easy, and we also know that our facility has the answer to our problem.

We have created a personalized treatment approach based on holistic principles, delivering outstanding results no matter the case. Whether you’re dealing with mild addiction or struggling with advanced withdrawal symptoms, we can help. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound invites you to take your life into your own hands and achieve the freedom, happiness, and health you deserve. Call (877) – 732 – 6837, and let’s discuss your options moving forward!