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Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Rehab Near Me

If you’re looking for the ideal drug and alcohol inpatient rehab near me, we welcome you to Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound today! The inpatient rehab treatment is vital for fast and safe rehabilitation, especially when dealing with prolonged and advanced substance addiction. And the earlier you begin the treatment, the better.

Why inpatient rehab is necessary

Substance addiction is progressive and chronic in nature, capable of advancing fast, with drastic long-term consequences. Failing to control your addictive behavior and avoiding the necessary treatment will sink you in a hole that few people manage to climb out of. Our top rehab treatment centers provide safe and reliable detox and rehabilitation services for immediate recovery and sustainable sobriety over time.

Early inpatient treatment is critical due to several aspects:

  • Safe detox – The detoxification process is more dangerous and volatile than most people believe. The procedure relies on medication and psychotherapy to address the withdrawal and allow your brain, body, and mind to recover from addiction. The detox medical procedure takes place in a controlled environment with a team of clinicians supervising and guiding the process from start to finish. This will prevent any unwanted side-effects and ensure our patients’ safety and comfort during the procedure.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – We provide dual diagnosis assistance both during the detox phase and the inpatient drug rehab program. Co-occurring disorders are common occurrences in most addiction victims, coming in various degrees, types, and with different symptoms. They are tricky to diagnose and similarly challenging to treat, but you can’t ignore them. We address co-occurring disorders via targeted medication and therapeutic support for the entire rehab’s duration and beyond.
  • Behavioral therapies – Our top-rated addiction treatment centers in the US rely on behavioral therapies to stabilize your cognitive functioning, address internalized traumas, and eliminate negative and harmful behavior, mental, and emotional patterns. These therapies include CBT, DBT, art and group therapy, and promote healing, stability, and personal growth over the years.

When to begin inpatient treatment

Substance addiction can manifest itself in many phases, and the ideal treatment needs to adjust accordingly. If you’re experiencing withdrawal regularly, you’ve already developed a form of addiction and need professional help fast. We advise you to come to our facility for assessment and diagnosis so that our clinicians can guide you on the right path. Depending on your health status and addiction’s specifics, you may need to undergo detox before joining our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs. The detoxification process will:
  • Flush the drug and alcohol-related toxins from your system
  • Minimize the withdrawal’s impact during the detox procedure
  • Diminish the physical and mental discomfort
  • Prevent the short-term relapse
  • Help you remain sober and stable
  • Prepare you for the inpatient treatment
If you need drug and alcohol inpatient rehab near me, we advise you to contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound at 888-308-1985 as soon as you can. Early treatment can save you from severe drug and alcohol-related consequences over time. Act today and live a better life tomorrow!

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