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Drug Rehab Spokane

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound urges you to take matters into your own hands and seek drug rehab in Spokane today! Drug addiction is a life-altering condition with fast and debilitating side-effects over time. Treating it before it gets out of hand is essential for speedy and sustainable recovery and healing.

What addictions do you treat?

Our Spokane drug rehab program allows us to handle multiple addictions, including alcohol, cocaine and stimulants, methamphetamines, opioids, and benzos. The treatment will vary depending on the substance you’re using, which is why early assessment and intake are vital for a successful recovery.

What happens during intake?

The intake process marks the beginning of our Spokane addiction treatment and involves our experts gathering information about your condition. This includes data about your medical history, addiction specifics, overall health, co-occurring disorder, etc. The more we know, the easier we’ll manage to craft a customized detox and recovery program for reliable and safe recovery.

How does detox work, and is it painful?

The detoxification process relies on medication and therapy to help you cope with your condition. The goal is to minimize the withdrawal’s effects and symptoms, cleanse your system of toxins, and allow you to recover, heal, and prepare for inpatient treatment. The procedure will involve some physical and mental discomfort, as it’s natural, but it doesn’t come anywhere close to what you would experience without professional care.

How long does inpatient drug rehab in Spokane last?

The treatment’s duration will depend on several factors, including your overall health state, addiction status, progress during treatment, etc. Some people only require 30 days of inpatient treatment, while others need 90 days. Generally, we recommend 90 days of inpatient care due to its numerous long-term benefits and a higher level of effectiveness overall.

What rehab services do you offer?

Our top-rated Spokane addiction treatment centers specialize in comprehensive rehab treatment, which means we offer detox, inpatient services, dual diagnosis assistance and treatment, therapy, case management, etc. In short, our team is proficient in every technique, clinical and rehab procedure available, promoting patient safety, comfort, and sustainable recovery.

What activities do you offer?

Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs in Spokane include numerous amenities and recreational activities for sustained mental, emotional, and spiritual health. These include yoga, CrossFit sessions, video games, art therapy, outdoor group activities, etc. They are an integral part of the rehabilitation process, allowing patients to interact with one another and enjoy life’s simple things together.

How do you help patients reintegrate into society?

That’s where our case management experts come in. Their job is to help you improve your life in all aspects, including family, job, career, finances, etc. Our drug rehab in Spokane aims to help people change their lives during and after treatment and embrace sobriety through a healthy daily routine.

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound promotes health, sobriety, and personal growth, helping patients rediscover their potential and inner strength. Call 888-308-1985, talk to a counselor, and let’s plan your rehab today!

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