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Drug Rehab Washington State

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is a leading drug rehab in Washington State because of the staff’s unwavering commitment to addiction recovery services. Removing drugs or illegal substances from your life is a journey you don’t have to travel by yourself.

Learning how to live a sober lifestyle takes time, dedication, and a supportive foundation to grow upon and flourish. As one of the top-rated Washington addiction treatment centers, Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound utilizes multiple treatment techniques to elevate each client’s success. Addiction recovery doesn’t come with one size fits all treatment solutions or cookie-cutter therapy programs.

Top Drug Rehab Services Offered at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound isn’t a run of the mill inpatient drug rehab in Seattle, WA. Our team of addiction specialists offers rehab services that can help people rid themselves of harmful addictive behaviors.

Compared to other inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs in Seattle, WA, it isn’t challenging to recognize why Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound stands out in the crowd. Please review the options for premier drug rehab in Washington State.

  1. Inpatient Rehab – Inpatient rehab is a residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment that includes medical detoxification services. Aside from medical detox safety precautions, our recovery center transitions clients into safe and clean living environments. Recovering from addiction in an unsafe living situation can trigger relapses and emotional outbursts that could present danger.
  2. Dual Diagnosis – Dual diagnosis is when addiction and mental illness occur within the same patient. Mental disorders and diseases can fuel addictive and destructive behaviors, making it practically impossible to treat one condition without addressing the other. Medication management services ease withdrawals and help clients regain mental and emotional balance during their journeys. Professional health techs administer short-term medications to offer comfort without creating another form of dependency.
  3. Medical Detoxification – The unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of addictive substances can lead to dire situations without proper medical care. Several men and women avoid seeking rehabilitation services to procrastinate going through the detoxification process. Detoxing is the body’s natural method of removing harmful drugs or alcohol from an individual’s system. Twenty-four-hour medical supervision gives clients peace of mind and safety when seeking treatment at our facilities.
  4. Case Management – Case management services help clients create plans and long-term goals when they leave inpatient treatment. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound’s case management services provide employment assistance, legal support, and aftercare arrangements to ensure clients maintain their sobriety. Our rehab center believes in holding clients accountable and responsible for their hazardous behaviors.
  5. Virtual Reality Training Program – Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound offers Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery course to new and established clients. Clients will review televised media content before beginning workbook exercises with their addiction therapists in a group setting. The nine-week VR program combines advancing technology with holistic addiction treatment techniques to provide long-lasting results.

Reigning Top Drug Treatment Centers in WA

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound offers the best drug and alcohol treatment programs to fit each client’s needs. Please reach out to us today at 888-308-1985 to jumpstart the process of entering our renowned treatment program!

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