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Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

If you’re dealing with any high-risk substances like alcohol, heroin, benzos, or methamphetamines, contacting Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound will save your life. Our inpatient drug rehab programs are ideal for coping with even the most aggravated addiction cases.

Who can join the inpatient treatment?

The inpatient treatment is the most effective rehab approach, which is why we recommend it as the go-to treatment form to anyone struggling with substance addiction. Our top drug treatment centers in OR promote patient-oriented programs as part of a holistic approach for safe and efficient recovery. If you’re already showing signs of withdrawal, you need to contact our experts for immediate clinical assessment and intake.

It doesn’t matter whether you think your condition is under control or the withdrawal is somewhat manageable. In reality, your addiction may be more advanced than you think, and only an expert can reliably assess and diagnose your problems.

The best inpatient drug rehab in Oregon

The perfect inpatient treatment should rely on a holistic approach for the best results. Our facility uses a multidisciplinary approach to addiction, relying on medical, psychiatric, and psychological programs to achieve optimal results. These programs include:

  • Detoxification and medication management – The detox phase follows the intake and relies on medication and therapy to manage the withdrawal and cleanse your body of toxins. It’s also a reliable tool for preventing relapse, diminishing cravings and minimizing the discomfort during the withdrawal.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Our top-rated Oregon addiction treatment centers use dual diagnosis treatment to address co-occurring disorders during inpatient rehab. It is a vital approach for targeting addiction’s underlying causes and help patients heal, recover, and remain sober over the years.
  • Psychotherapies – Here, we include behavioral therapies, experiential therapies, support groups, individual counseling, etc. These procedures are key to supporting patients’ mental and spiritual balance, addressing traumas, and diminish the impact of co-occurring disorders.
  • Counseling and personal development management – Learning how to live a sober, clean, and healthy lifestyle is key to successful recovery and lasting sobriety. Our inpatient drug and alcohol programs in Oregon promote expert counseling and guidance as tools to achieving a more successful and fulfilling lifestyle over the years.

Find inpatient drug rehab near me

If you’re experiencing severe withdrawal, you need immediate clinical and psychiatric treatment. Your disorder can advance fast and cause aggressive symptoms and side-effects, depending on the substance you’re using, hence the need for urgent medical assistance. We offer personalized inpatient drug rehab programs, allowing you to focus on recovery in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing living environment. At our facility, you can recover at your own pace, meet other people in the same situation, and share experiences, life stories, and plans for a better future. If you’re interested in beginning your inpatient treatment soon, contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound today. You can speak to a counselor at (888) 308-1985, ask about our payment options and rehabilitation programs, and make an assessment and intake appointment. The faster you proceed, the sooner you will leave addiction behind for good.

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