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Medically Assisted Detox Near Me

If you’re struggling with substance addiction, even in milder forms, you need medical detox immediately. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound offers medically assisted detox near me for safe and effective rehabilitation and recovery. The medical detoxification procedure saves countless lives every year, allowing addiction victims to overcome their withdrawal safely and start a new life post-treatment.

Drugs that require medically-assisted detox

Given enough time, most substances will require some form of detoxification if your addiction is severe enough. Generally, however, four drug classes always require medical detox before the inpatient treatment:

  1. Prescription opioids
  2. Alcohol
  3. Heroin
  4. Benzodiazepines

Not only that these substances trigger the addictive behavior fast, but they’re also notoriously difficult to recover from. Patients can develop a form of addiction often with the first dose, especially when it comes to opioids and heroin, and the withdrawal can become severe fast. If you’ve been abusing any of these substances lately, you need drugs and alcohol detox immediately.

Importance of a medically-assisted detox

The detoxification program is critical for safe, fast, and sustainable recovery and sobriety. The procedure consists of three phases:

  1. Intake and clinical assessment – The intake phase includes an in-depth clinical assessment, during which our professionals gather information about your situation. This includes data about your medical history, current health status, addiction profile and symptoms, withdrawal manifestations, etc. They will use this information to craft a patient-oriented detox and recovery protocol for smooth and safe rehabilitation.
  2. Medication-based treatment – We use opioid suppressors and targeted medication to counter the withdrawal, remove drug-related toxins from your system, and reset the addicted brain. The detoxification process will minimize the withdrawal’s impact and reduce the discomfort during the detox procedure.
  3. Therapy and dual diagnosis treatment – Most addiction patients struggle with addiction-related co-occurring disorders that impact their ability to recover and heal. We diagnose and treat these disorders both during detox and the inpatient program with medication, therapy, counseling, and long-term management via lifestyle improvements and healthier daily routines.

The best alcohol detox and rehab programs

If you’re struggling with any of these substances, you need immediate medical detox and inpatient care. There’s no way you can control your addiction or overcome the withdrawal without expert care and assistance. Our detoxification programs place patients in a controlled and safe environment, where our professionals will supervise their progress 24/7. The detoxification treatment usually lasts up to two weeks, allowing patients to control their behavior, cleanse their bodies and minds, and regain their mental and emotional stability. The two-week period is enough for the brain to reset and rebalance its chemical functioning. We advise people to look for medically assisted detox near me even when dealing with mild addiction symptoms since you never know your situation’s full extent without having an expert take you through in-depth assessment and diagnosis. Contact Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound at (888) 308-1985, and let’s discuss your queries today! You can ask us about payment options, treatment, and services, and come for a facility tour and intake whenever you feel ready and confident.

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