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What is a Guest?

We at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound operate as gracious hosts, offering a warm welcome to everyone in search of support during their recovery. Moreover, we cherish the individuals within our programs, treating them as our guests.

As your host, we’re devoted to expressing respectful and inviting attitudes to ease the passage into recovery and restoration. Puget Sound’s programs, services, and staff ensure every guest’s safety and security at all times. Our staff members and fellow guests create an atmosphere of unconditional support due to our persistent reassurance without judgment. This allows our guests to rebuild their self-confidence and self-love, both essential for recovery.

Respect In Addiction Rehabilitation

While many rehab centers refer to the people in their care as “clients” or “patients,” we welcome you as a guest the instant you join our treatment program. We proudly accept the responsibility of guiding and supporting you through your recovery journey. The staff members of Puget Sound make sure that your accommodations are satisfactory, and present you with compassion and understanding over the course of your stay. You are our guests, and we’re honored to care for you. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound aims to ignite your passion for life in recovery, encouraging your participation throughout the treatment process. Our programs center around making you feel respected, included, and comfortable.

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is committed to treating our guests as equals. Our staff never use the term “patient” and oppose all language that is considered dismissive. As a major treatment network, we understand that it is our obligation to assist in the removal of offensive stereotypes and stigmas related to addiction. We also strive to normalize person-first, guest-centric language while increasing addiction awareness and education.

At Puget Sound, we trust that changing the way people view and discuss addiction will benefit those in recovery. The non-profit group, Shatterproof,  is similarly motivated to reversing the country’s addiction crisis. Shatterproof supports the positive mental shift in our “country’s consciousness” to end the stigma around substance use disorder. We agree that implementing respectful treatment methods is a constructive step toward revolutionizing addiction prevention, care, rehabilitation, and advocacy.

Our Guests Recieve the Royal Treatment

We at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound believe it is essential that we treat our guests equally. For this reason, Sound Recovery staff uses nonjudgmental language with our guests to empathize and communicate. We use these guest-centric techniques to minimize stigmas and encourage respectful collaboration:

  • During a guest’s initial assessment, Puget Sound staff introduce themselves in a calm, comfortable manner to alleviate any tension.
  • To ensure respectful communication, we call each guest by their preferred name.
  • Guests complete a biopsychosocial evaluation and work alongside their therapist to customize their individualized service plan (ISP).
  • We take every visitor on a tour of the facility to acclimate them with the place they will call home for the remainder of their stay.
  • We remind guests that they are welcome to ask our staff any and all questions whenever they like.
  • Our visitors are monitored 24 /7 to ensure their safety and comfortability.
  • At all times, we maintain clean and safe standards to promote the healing of each guest.
  • Our staff and programs provide each guest with entertainment, education, and accommodation.
  • We encourage positive connections amongst our guests to build a foundation of sober support and peer bonding.

Guests at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound are all seen as equals and recieve support and compassion from staff as they navigate their recovery. For this reason, we make certain that all staff members are available to assist our guests no matter the time or place. Additionally, Puget Sound staff uses guest-centric language to express empathy and support in our programs.

The Role of ‘Guest-Centric’ Language in Recovery

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound grasps the strength of words—what we say has the capacity to influence other’s emotions and motivation. We select our words with care because, while words can raise someone’s spirits, they also can be devastating. As a result, we take care to use guest-centric language that promotes holistic growth in recovery.

Many people attempt to express their sympathy and understanding of their loved one’s situation but the stigmas related to substance abuse disorders often prevent them from properly expressing their emotions. As a result, a lot of people lack access to a positive example of non-judgemental, person-first language (PFL) to guide them in a discussion about addiction.

Person-First Care

Person-first language reduces simplifications or labels by maintaining consistent, objective language when discussing people with a substance use disorder. PFL reframes the sentence as “person with a substance use disorder” as opposed to the blame language commonly used to describe addiction, “they’re an addict.” As a result, person-first phrases remove the tone of judgment that labels a person as their addiction.

The ingrained judgment in American vernacular is lessened when people replace terms like “addict” and “junkie” with person-first language like “person with a SUD.” It is everyone’s job to deconstruct the addiction stereotypes that have conditioned the public, and certain clinicians, to view addiction as something that deserves punishment over treatment. We know that removing this mindset from society helps the treatment community, and the world, make significant changes without the barriers created by negative biases.

Whether we like it or not, words have the power to influence how we view individuals and, as a result, how we treat them. To genuinely help those with substance use disorders, we must change the way we talk to and about them. As a result, Puget Sound uses guest-centric vocabulary to make certain that our visitors are treated with dignity and respect.

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