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Why Is Nutrition Important In Addiction Treatment

nutrition - oxidized food - SOS - health - physical health

In order to understand why nutrition is important in addiction treatment, we must first understand what makes people live happily past the age of 100 and still be able to walk briskly. We realize there are countless people who say their variety of good nutrition is better than the rest. But, none give the number […]

Disclosing that You Are in Recovery: How and When to Protect Your Anonymity

disclosing that you are in recovery - when to disclose - how to disclose - recovery - addiction recovery - your status in recovery - disclosing your status in recovery

Being in addiction recovery is nothing to be ashamed of, however it should always be a personal choice to share if you are in recovery. Your right to remain anonymous should be upheld by those you choose to surround yourself with. You may find it unnecessary to tell others about being in recovery, or hard […]

Addiction is a Family Disease: Genetics and the Brain Reward Cascade

addiction is a family disease - addiction and genetics - genetics and addiction - do my genetics make me predisposed to addiction? do my genetics make me more likely to abuse substances? - genetics - addiction

The story of the familial or genetic nature of addiction begins with the disease concept of addiction. Alcohol and drug dependence conveniently went uncovered by health insurance up until the late 1970s. The reason for this was multifactorial: The public and non-addiction medical specialists simply believed that cessation was a function of self-control, self-discipline, foolish […]

Addiction Recovery: How Much Does Your Environment Impact You?

your recovery - put your recovery first - your environment - in addiction recovery - recovering from addiction - people, places, and things - environmental triggers - avoiding triggers - an environment conducive to recovery

In addiction recovery, the most important thing you can do is protect your sobriety. It’s a common saying that “anything you put before your recovery, you’ll lose.” With that being said, you protect your sobriety by putting your recovery first. This can mean a lot of things to many different people, but basically I see […]

Addiction Replacement: From Drug Use to Behavioral Addictions

behavioral addiction - behavioral addictions - addiction replacement - co-occuring disorders

Clinical research confirms that people who recover from one addiction are at increased risk of evolving another (Koball). For example, most stimulant, sedative and opiate addicts gain significant amounts of weight during the first 30 days of residential treatment. But oxidized food addiction, the top killer in the world, does not usually take people out […]

Permanent Damage from Addiction: Does Addiction Have Permanent Effects?

permanent damage from addiction - addiction does permanent damage - does addiction cause permanent damage? - puget sound

After getting sober, you may be curious to wonder if there is any permanent damage from addiction. Addiction impacts every aspect of your life, causing disruptions on a molecular, cellular, physical, behavioral and spiritual level. Addiction treatment should address all aspects of your life that has been impacted by your alcohol or substance use disorder, […]

Why You Need Therapy in Addiction Treatment (And in Life!)

therapy is - therapy in addiction treatment - why you need a therapist - why therapy will help you

We offer a variety of intensive therapies, because they are a proven-effective method of addiction treatment. Therapy is the most underrated tool for overall wellness. You should never overlook therapy or the power that therapy has to transform your life. From therapy comes insight, exploration, understanding, and change. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound knows […]

8 Bad Habits You Could Be Making in Addiction Treatment

In addiction treatment, guests are focused on the impact of their addiction and how to make positive changes that will set them up for a successful recovery. It is common for bad habits to surface through out the addiction treatment process, which is why it is so important for guests to be sharing openly and […]

How To Combat Negative Self-Talk in Drug Rehab

Alcoholics and addicts often feel a lot of shame around their addiction, which many internalize and their minds use to perpetuate discouraging thoughts and create a pattern of negative self-talk. Self-talk is the inner dialogue each person has in their head, which includes our conscious thoughts and unconscious assumptions and beliefs. Many times, we have […]

Substance Abuse of Over-the-Counter Medications?

OTC drugs

When you think about substance abuse and drug addiction, your mind automatically thinks about illicit drugs— but legal substances, prescription drugs, and even over the counter medications can all be abused. Many people regard legal substances as being safe, just because they are legal to buy in the United States. No matter what the substance […]