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5 Ways Your Life Changes After Treatment

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound offers a holistic approach, treating the mind, body, and spirit for a full recovery. Treatment for addiction recovery is life-changing. The benefits to a comprehensive treatment program are endless, as the tools learned in treatment will set guests up for a healthy, happy, and successful life in sobriety. The recovery process is not short term, long term recovery comes after a substance use disorder. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is something that disrupts every aspect of life, and part of addiction treatment is learning how to live differently. Drug rehab does much more than teach you how to not use drugs, but a stabilization of mental health and support groups help our guests learn much more.

Here are 5 ways your life changes after treatment:

1. Manageability

Especially in our aftercare programs, guests learn how to balance life with recovery. Addiction treatment will allow you to take back control in your life, creating manageability of all of the factors that used to overwhelm you. You will have a newfound confidence in being able to manage life with ease.

2. Meaningful Relationships

You will be able to create and maintain meaningful relationships. Having knowledge about boundaries, how to set them, how to have reciprocity in relationships, etc. will allow your life to be filled with healthy, meaningful relationships.

3. Self-Awareness

Perhaps the most important benefit to our addiction treatment is the intensive therapy we provide. Our intensive therapy and therapeutic activities allow our guests to gain an expansive sense-of-self. The self-awareness you gain through therapy will forever change your life, as you are able to better understand your needs, how you react, what situations tend to be a problem for you, etc. There are no limits to how helpful it can be to simply know yourself.

4. Support

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound encourages our guests to build sober support networks, so that our guests have people to reach out to for help and guidance. The value of having a solid support network will continue to serve you far beyond treatment. Life after rehab can include recovery coaching by supportive people like a sponsor found in 12-step meetings. 12-step meetings are part of a 12 step program of recovery, like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gambler’s Anonymous, etc. Part of recovery is finding solace in other people in recovery, asking for guidance from someone who can personally relate.

5. Redefining Your Life

After addiction treatment, you are able to redefine your life and learn how rewarding it is to get to deal with stress and bad circumstances, without needing a mind-altering chemical. Your outlook on things that used to make you feel hopeless will change into an optimistic outlook fueled by hope and the confidence you have in your abilities to get through it. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound teaches guests various coping skills to provide them with tools to get through anything that life may throw at them. We take pride in knowing that our treatment center has given you the insight and confidence you need to handle anything and also stay sober. You never have to drink or take a drug again to deal with emotions, stress, circumstances or anything. You will be able to have fun, with genuine laughing that feels cathartic, unlike anything you experienced during your addiction. Redefine your life, feel what it’s like to have true happiness and meaning.

Life after addiction feels so much lighter, with all of the insight and knowledge you will gain from attending a treatment facility, you will feel well-equipped and capable of taking on anything without being overwhelmed to the point of a relapse. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is a rehab center that prides itself on setting you up for a healthy, happy, and successful life in sobriety. We offer support and teach you the tools you need to manage anything in life, even the things that seemed to destroy you before treatment. Your life changes after addiction treatment, for the better.

Our treatment supports long term sobriety, with treatment plans that offer programs including: medical detox, residential inpatient program, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), an outpatient program (OP), sober living and graduate housing. Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound offers a short term medical detox program, which lasts either 4 or 8 days, depending on our guest’s condition and health status. We also offer a 2-week residential inpatient program at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound.

If you want to know more about our treatment programs, or how addiction treatment will change your life, please reach out to our addiction specialists at (877)-RECOVERY or (888) 308-1985. Our team is available to take your call, no matter what day or time you call us. Because We Care.

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